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A Primer on Small EDC Pouch Kits

by Anthony Roe August 11, 2017

We are huge fans of adding a small EDC pouch to your loadout. Whether you clip it onto your belt, throw it in a cargo pocket or toss it into your backpack. Small EDC Pouches, like the Truckie, help keep things organized. And they establish a valuable "kit" within your everyday carry.


EDC Pouch Contents List


Building an EDC Pouch


If you're new to everyday carry (EDC), or just don't know what to use one of these handy pouches for, you're likely wondering what contents go into an EDC Pouch. That is really determined by what kind of kit you're wanting to put together....And the sky is the limit there!

But to help you out, we wanted to give you some sample EDC Pouch kits that we've carried over the years (and still alternate into our everyday carry systems today).


EDC Repair Kit


EDC Repair Kit


This is a kit that travels everywhere with me and easily stores into my EDC Backpack. It's my everyday carry repair kit. It has several small tools, or one primary tool like a multi tool, some kind of a light (I like a headlamp because it allows me to work hands-free), a knife sharpener to keep my knife blade(s) honed, and a few other maintenance items.

This type of kit is invaluable when you need to fix something or release your inner McGyver!


EDC First Aid Kit


EDC First Aid Kit


Another kit I carry religiously is my EDC First Aid Kit. I have covered all of this in detail in another article, so I won't go too in-depth here. But this is a small, lightweight kit that contains all of the necessities I could need to make a bad situation better.

Read More: Build your own first aid kit for EDC


EDC Hygiene Kit


EDC Hygiene Kit


These small pouches/kits are awesome for building EDC Hygiene Kits. I personally like carrying an assortment of things that I use on daily basis. Such As: A small comb, a pair of clippers, dental picks, a travel size deodorant, beard oil, a comb, etc.

An EDC Hygiene Kit is invaluable for people who go into a lot of meetings or engagements with other people.


EDC Tech Kit


EDC Tech Kit


An EDC Tech Kit is awesome for people who spend a lot of time on their phone or computer. You'd be surprised how much you can fit into one of the small Truckie Pouches. Here are some common items I keep in my EDC Tech Kit:

  • Headphones
  • Small thumb drive
  • Extra SD Cards for my camera
  • A very small notebook and micro pen
  • Charger for my phone

Adding a small tech kit into your EDC can be extremely helpful when you're running out of juice on your phone. Or if you just want to drown out the noise at the coffee shop with some tunes or cat videos on YouTube.


EDC Dump Pouch


EDC Dump Pouch


I sometimes use the Truckie as a general EDC dump pouch. It will easily accommodate my EDC knife, flashlight and Sergeant wallet (or Rookie wallet) when I want to toss them into one condensed location.


EDC Pouch


What's your favorite EDC Pouch Kit?


As always - We would love to hear what you keep in your EDC Kits. Do you use one like ours? Or do you have something totally different? Share it with us in the comments below!

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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