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Our story ‚Äď from decommissioned firefighter hoses to bags & accessories

Jake Starr was a firefighter, and the intimate knowledge of the strength and the rigidity of the fire hoses is what led him to create Recycled Firefighters and start using decommissioned hoses in a range of products. Now, we make tough and long-lasting firefighter bags and accessories for sale that look great, protect your belongings, and guarantee many years of dependable use. From fighting fire to sewing fire hoses, we’ve succeeded in making USA-handcrafted products available to everyone. Read more

Top-quality 1000D Cordura nylon for durability & longevity

We focus on giving our customers comfortable and convenient product EDC small bags, firefighter gear bags, as well as numerous accessories made in the USA from 1000D Cordura nylon we get from obsolete fire hoses. What’s more, we use high-quality USA-made hardware and waterproof Mil-Spec YKK zippers to ensure security and safety of your belongings. On top of that, we implement durable stitching and bar caking on all stress points for enhanced durability and dependability. This is what separates our Battalion series from the competition. Read more

A range of comfortable products for different uses

Our Battalion line of firefighter gear bags, duffle bags, small EDC bags, and accessories includes several offerings made with the same level of quality and attention to detail you’re used to from us. We offer our Battalion 12HR and our Battalion 12HR Plus, as EDC small bags. If you need more interior space, you can go for our Battalion 24HR backpack, which can serve as an overnight or weekend bag as well as a daily carry. Our small Battalion Barrel duffel is perfect for daily wear due to its comfortable cross-handles. Finally, choose our Battalion 42L duffle or our Battalion 42L duffle pack if you require a solution for several days’ worth of equipment and belongings. Read more

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A 24-hour bag refers to any bag that would allow you to spend an entire day with just the supplies, tools, and equipment found in it. In the everyday carry community, this bag refers to a smaller bag oriented towards day-to-day activities, such as work, visiting the gym, or playing sports. 

At Recycled Firefighters, we offer high-quality 24-hour firefighter gear bags for sale that come in different colors, styles, and suit a wide array of potential uses. We make all our backpacks using 1000D Cordura nylon from decommissioned fire hoses coupled with USA-made hardware for maximum dependability and durability. Order yours today!

The size of your ideal EDC small bag depends on your requirements. Some people like larger everyday carries, for example a 24-hour firefighter gear bag, while others prefer smaller, 12-hour variants. The choice of your EDC small carry is entirely based on your own preferences.

Duffle bags and gear bags utilize several different materials depending on their intended use. However, one of the most hard-wearing materials is 1000D Cordura nylon you can get from decommissioned fire hoses. This makes firefighter gear bags, duffle bags, and accessories the best solution if you’re looking for a durable and dependable carry.

When looking to purchase a solid gear bag, EDC small bag, or other form of carry you need to pay attention to the following aspects: 

  ‚ÄĘ   The size of your bag

  ‚ÄĘ   The type of your carry

  ‚ÄĘ   The practicality and the number of compartments

  ‚ÄĘ   The material of the bag

  ‚ÄĘ   The comfort it supplies

  ‚ÄĘ   The style and the color

At Recycled Firefighters, we think up, design, and finally manufacture a selection of tough, comfortable, and convenient duffle bags, backpacks, wallets, and numerous other accessories. We make all our products right here in the United States, all from 1000D Cordura nylon we get from decommissioned fire hoses. 

We use waterproof and long-lasting materials to give you a bag, wallet, or backpack that will look good and give you many years of good service. If you’re interested in more than just our bags and EDCs small bags for firefighters, check out the rest of our collections of top-quality goods. We offer: 

  ‚ÄĘ   A wide selection of durable front-pocket and bifold wallets

  ‚ÄĘ   An array of hard-wearing backpacks in different sizes and styles

  ‚ÄĘ   A collection of different accessories for backpacks and wallets

  ‚ÄĘ   Different types of firefighter duffle bags for your varying needs

  ‚ÄĘ   A line of super slim front pocket wallets¬†

  ‚ÄĘ   Much more.

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