Top 5 EDC Flashlights

Well, days are getting shorter and nights are longer this time of the year. I know, I know...We're sad to see summer come to an end as well.

So we figured, since it's getting darker a whole lot sooner every day it is high time to give you guys a "Top EDC Flashlight" list. We have narrowed down the field, and decided to only include our top 5 favorites. See what made our cut below:


1) Nitecore MT10A:

Best Use: Tactical Light, EDC

Lumens: Up to 920 lumens

Modes: Moonlight, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Beacon, SOS, Strobe

Battery Type: 1x45000 or 1xAA

AVG Price: $60 or so


Nitecore MT10A

Nitecore MT10A with our Hypalon Wallet, H&K VP9 and Cold Steel Voyager Large


2) Coast HP1 (Focusing Model)

Best Use: All around great light. Outdoors Light (the focusing bevel comes in very handy for outdoors use), CCDW, EDC.

Lumens: Up to 190 lumens

Modes: Single Mode

Battery Type: 1x45000 or 1xAA

AVG Price: $10 (The best value flashlight on the market)


Coast HP1 EDC Flashlight

Coast HP1 with our Hypalon Wallet, Fisher Space Pen and the newly released Morakniv Eldris


3) Foursevens Preon P1

Best Use: Stylish & High Quality EDC, Lightweight EDC

Lumens: Up to 100 lumens

Modes: Low, Medium, High, Strobe, SOS, Beacon (hi and lo)

Battery Type: 1xAAA

AVG Price: $40


Foursevens Preon P1 EDC Flashlight

The Foursevens Preon P1 hanging out with our Hypalon Wallet, Fisher Space Pen and SAK Cadet Alox


4) Maratac AAA Copper

Best Use: Stylish, High Quality EDC

Lumens: Up to 138 lumens (rev3 version)

Modes: Low, Medium, High

Battery Type: 1xAAA

AVG Price: $60


5) Streamlight Stylus Pro

Best Use: Lightweight EDC

Lumens: Up to 90 lumens

Modes: Single

Battery Type: 2xAAA

AVG Price: $20


5 Killer EDC Flashlights to choose from:

Well there you have it, folks. 5 extremely nice, high value EDC Flashlight options for you to consider adding into your everyday loadout. We have included everything from a highly capable (and blinding) light, the MT10A by Nitecore. To small lights that you won't even realize you are carrying like the Streamlight Stylus Pro and the Preon P1 by Foursevens.

All of these lights have been great flashlights for us at one point or another. And we are very happy/excited to recommend them to you guys.


The high value, $10 Coast HP1 posting up next to our Hypalon Wallet and Mora Eldris


Did we miss your favorite light?

Surely our top 5 favorites flashlights aren't everyone else's top 5. So drop us a comment below if you have a favorite EDC flashlight that you'd like to share with the rest of us. And until next week, stay safe and carry excellent gear!


The Foursevens Preon P1, with our Hypalon Wallet, Fisher Space Pen and SAK Cadet Alox

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