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Yes, $49 is the minimum. 

Unfortunately, no. But we'll be running more promotions and sending out more discount codes in the future! If you provided a review for us about one of our products, THANK YOU! 

First check to make sure your coupon code isn't expired and that you've typed in the code correctly during checkout. If neither of these suggestions resolves your problem, email support@recycledfirefighter.com with the details and we'll do our best to resolve things for you. Codes are often one time use, with certain minimum purchase requirements. Please do not share or abuse our discounts- we reserve the right to discontinue codes at any time. We cannot add codes or Rewards Points in retrospect.
Oops! My address or email address was typed in incorrectly. What can I do? Email support@recycledfirefighter.com ASAP with the changes you need made. Orders are processed each morning at 8am, so there is a very short window of time in which to make changes. If your order is already being processed, packed and/or shipped, changes are most likely not an option. We'll do our very best to resolve things for you!

Changes and additions to your order can not be made from our end. What we can do to help you is cancel your original order and you may place a new order with the items you desire. This can be done only if your order has not been processed, packed, or shipped, which may begin at 8am the day after you place an order. Email support@recycledfirefighter.com ASAP if this need arises. We'll do our best to resolve things for you. 


We try to process orders within 24-48 hours, and have them sent out the same week you place an order. We're working to improve these times even more, so you may receive your order even more quickly! We do not ship on weekends or holidays. 

Yes! If you have typed in your email address correctly during checkout both of these confirmations will be sent to you automatically. You can track your order's shipping progress using the tracking information provided. 

Although this solely depends on USPS, our best estimate is 3-4 days. Domestic orders arrive more quickly, while international orders sometimes take a few more days. If you are wondering when your package might arrive, check the tracking info sent in the shipping confirmation email. 

We suggest giving it a little time- a few days to a week- then contacting USPS with any shipping inquiries. Check with your local carrier and any neighbors that might have received it accidentally. If things are still not resolved after pursuing these avenues, email support@recycledfirefighter.com. We'll do our best to resolve things in some way. 


We strive to provide accurate pictures and information for each product. Due to the repurposed nature of the fire hose your item may appear different than what you see in the product pictures. Not all items have "writing" on them, and these items are limited. The hose color may be slightly lighter or darker and frequently comes with scuffs and markings. Each item is uniquely hand-crafted, and may differ slightly from other products of a similar make. Each item, especially the Sergeant, has a "break in" period and will loosen up/adapt to your everyday uses with time. 

We suggest folding the cash into thirds. There is a helpful video on our Instagram and Facebook pages to show you how! 

We are diligently working to have our store fully stocked. Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow! 

You can check back on the website periodically, sign up for email alerts on the website for each item you are waiting for, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. We'll make announcements weekly about new products, restocked items, and plans for the store.  

Other Questions

At this time we are not, but please email support@recycledfirefighter.com with your desires and contact information. We'll keep a list of anyone interested for future reference, and contact you when this option is available.

No, not at this time. We hope you find something you love on our site!

We do not offer exchanges, unless there is a manufacturing issue (which we hope there never is!) Returns are usually accepted, with some limitations. Promotions such as BOYO or Blackfriday/Cybermonday are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds. Please read our full Return Policy and let us know if you have any questions. Contact support@recycledfirefighter.com for more info. 

Email our support team at support@recycledfirefighter.com for additional help.