It is decided...The Best EDC Knives of 2016.

With 2016 only a matter of hours from coming to a close I have to say that I couldn't be happier with some of the gear that I have used and everyday-carried this year. Over the past couple of months i've been giving specific consideration to what my favorite knives of 2016 are...particularly for everyday carry purposes.

So i've compiled a list of my 3 favorite EDC knives from 2016, and i'll let you guys know why I see them as the best of the best. Now, these didn't necessarily release this year - But I started packing and testing them this year. So, let's see what made the list and why I love these 3 knives below...

Best EDC Knives of 2016


Coming in at # 3 - Benchmade Mini Griptilian:

The Benchmade Mini Griptilian is a fantastic little EDC knife that absolutely disappears in your pocket. It is a knife that can be customized to your hearts desire. There are tons of handle scales available, pocket clips, blade steels, straight vs. partially serrated, etc. So, not only are you able to get a knife that is designed perfectly for everyday carry, but you can make it your own in terms of the look & feel.

Best Benchmade Knife 2016

Why is the Benchmade Mini Griptilian my #3?

  • It's so convenient to carry and it has indeed been carried a lot this year.
  • The blade steel (D2 on this model) has held a fantastic and very sharp edge.
  • The axis lock is extremely smooth and really fun to work with.
  • It is an excellent pick for men or women alike, due to it's non intrusive size.
  • The mini grip is a friendly looking knife that won't be as intimidating as some other knives, should you need to use it in public.



Coming in at a close #2 - Kershaw Blur:

The Kershaw Blur kind of came out of nowhere for me. This knife has been one that I've wanted to pick up for a couple of years but never got around to. However, I finally picked one up a few months ago and it has honestly blew me away. Again with being honest, I figured that I would get it - Pack it a bit - Then throw it in the box with all the rest. I was wrong....This is a very close #2 for my favorite EDC Knife of the year!

It features great Sandvik 14C28N steel, a nice higher-riding pocket clip, lanyard hole, aluminum handles with excellent traction. But quite possibly my favorite features on the Blur are the slanted thumb studs (which can be quick-deployed from your pocket with practice) and how smooth the SpeedSafe assisted opening functions.

Best Kershaw Knife 2016

Why is the Kershaw Blur my #2?

  • This knife is USA Made with excellent components for $60! That's a killer value that any serious EDC'er can make room for in their budget.
  • The Blur performs phenomenally in a wide array of everyday carry tasks, and could even lend itself to a defense knife if need be.
  • This knife is as close to perfect out of the box as any knife i've purchased.



And the winner at #1 - Spyderco Paramilitary 2:

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 claimed the #1 spot for me around the middle of this year. It did a great job of depending it's spot as EDC King, until the Kershaw Blur came along. But in the end it did indeed hold it's spot as #1.

There is not a better knife out there for EDC, in my opinion. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is a large knife to everyday carry. But it's weight and profile make it feel a lot more comfortable to carry. It is extremely lightweight and slim in profile, so it will clip onto your pocket without any discomfort or annoyance throughout the day. But it has plenty of blade length and capability when you need it the most.

Best Spyderco Knife of 2016

Why is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 my favorite knife of 2016?

  • This knife is a bit higher on the price scale, coming in at $120+. But the materials, construction and USA Made aspect make the price tag worth it. This is a quality piece, and you'll notice it when you handle one.
  • The Paramilitary 2 has the perfect blade. The full flat grind is not only beautiful but very well suited for everyday carry. It slices right through boxes, cords and even holds its own in the kitchen for food prep.
  • The extremely sharp, and somewhat delicate tip on the Paramilitary 2 is so nice for many everyday carry tasks. I use it everyday when this knife is in my pocket.
  • The Paramilitary 2 has been hard-used throughout this year and I've only had to touch up the blade once or twice. And even when it did need touched up, all I had to do was a quick strop or a couple of quick passes on a fine Arkansas stone.
  • The ergonomics on the Paramilitary 2 are perfection. The handle is generous enough for small or large hands. There are 2 different choke-up/gripping areas for your pointer finger, which are nice options in different circumstances.
  • The gimping and thumb ramp are perfection as well.


Best Everyday Carry Knife 2016


The Best Everyday Carry Knives of 2016:

So there you have it folks. The Top 3 EDC Knives of 2016, as I see them! If you're looking to bump up your everyday carry knife, any of these will fit the bill and serve you wonderfully.

And did you notice...All of these blades are USA Made! It was honestly a coincidence that all of them were USA Made. But it goes to show, that USA Made goods are built well and use materials that will offer a lifetime of fantastic service.


Best Everyday Carry Knives of 2016


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