EDC Tool Pouch

If you've been looking for a killer EDC Tool Pouch, this is the one! We originally designed this tool pouch for firefighters to carry in their bunker gear pockets. But, soon after we realized just how well it's been working out for normal everyday carry items as well.

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Swiss Army Knife Cadet Review
  If you're like me, it's very likely that one of your first pocket knives as a kid was a red handled Swiss Army Knife. It's many peoples introduction into every day carrying a knife. But, these knives are much more...
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"The Battalion" 12 Hour Plus Backpack
   We are so pumped about the announcement of our new 12 Hour PLUS Bag! This is going to be our most versatile backpack yet. So, we wanted to show you guys exactly what this new bag is all about. And while you're here,...
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