Best of 2017 (Our top 3 Products)
  We're always blown away by you, our amazing customers and fellow EDC'ers. You all have kept us super busy sewing, developing new products, producing content and so much more this year! And with that said, we wanted to share the...
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24 Hour or 12 Hour Bag?
We're so stoked to be offering a couple of variations of the popular Battalion Bags! But with options come questions...So we're going to help you all decide if the 24 Hour Bag is right for you, by comparing it to the 12 Hour...
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5 Awesome EDC Items for less than $25!
  Buying EDC Gear can be awesome and a lot of fun. But sometimes, you've simply spent too much for the month and need to dial it back a notch on the price of your purchases. So, we wanted to make it easy...
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