5 Awesome EDC Items for less than $25!

5 Awesome EDC Items for less than $25!


Buying EDC Gear can be awesome and a lot of fun. But sometimes, you've simply spent too much for the month and need to dial it back a notch on the price of your purchases. So, we wanted to make it easy and show you 5 of the most popular items from our store, all of which can be purchased for $25 or less/each.



Notebooks $5-10


You can't have enough notebooks. For me personally, I fill them up rather quickly because I take a lot of notes. I rip pages out of them until they're close to empty or I dedicate specific notebooks for specific topics, which makes me need multiples. So in my opinion, buying a notebook is always a good decision. Shop for notebooks here.

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Handkerchief $24


A good handkerchief (or "hankie) is something every man should own. Read more about our handkerchief's here and shop for them here.



Keychain Clip $19


Our "HK" keychain belt clips will change the way you carry your keys. If you've been carrying them in your pocket, forget about that. You're gonna love how much bulk this takes out of your pockets. And if you're using flimsy carabiners to hold your keys onto your belt, you're gonna love the HK Clip's durability and strength. Shop for the HK Clip Here.



Card Wallet/Money Holder $9


Our Vinyl Sergeant Wallet is a true steal right now at $9! This wallet is the same quality and durability as all the rest of our wallets, but it's been massively discounted. So if you're looking to add a new wallet to your EDC for well under $25, this is the one!

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Gear Pouch $19


A gear pouch is an awesome way to carry around all of your little EDC items. It adds organization to a larger everyday carry backpack, or it can be used on its own. Shop for your EDC Gear Pouch here.

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