Should you EDC a Pen & Paper?


Welcome back to another weekly blog post, everyone! This week we're going to chat about everyday carrying a pen & paper. Is it still relevant in todays tech driven world? We definitely think so...


EDC Notebook & Pen


EDC Notebook & Pen


Adding a notebook & small pen to your everyday carry (EDC) is super simple and convenient. A notebook and pen take up very little room due to their slim profile, and they weigh nothing.

So, adding one to your everyday carry bag, pouches or even a back pocket is a breeze. Plus, there are some super cool options for notebooks, pens and notebook covers out there these days if you're into adding cool/unique gear to your EDC!


EDC Notebook


Uses for an Everyday Carry Notebook


EDC Notebooks are obviously for taking notes. But you're probably wondering why you'd want to carry one of these instead of just jotting it all into your phone.

Here are a few quick things you can do with your everyday carry notebook: 

1. To Do Lists:
You can make quick to-do lists and physically cross tasks off as you complete them. And let's be honest...It feels much more satisfying physically marking off a completed task, rather than tapping on a screen.

2. Record important info:
You could write down serial numbers for firearms, electronics or valuables. So while you're away from your home you always have this info in case of a theft.

3. Record important Dates:
EDC Notebooks are great for housing a quick list of important dates (birthdays, your anniversary (so you don't get in trouble and risk future anniversaries lol), etc).


EDC Notebook


4. Exchange info with others:
If you need to exchange info with another person to stay in touch, nothing beats old fashioned pen & paper. Simply pull your notebook out, split the paper in half and write your info on one slip/theirs on another. 

5. Quick Doodles/Journaling:
There's something so authentic about doing a quick doodle with pen and paper, or keeping a quick log/journal of your daily events. Technology can never replicate that.

6. Pen & Paper are timeless:
Memory cards fail. Data gets erased. But pen & paper are timeless. Especially if you use the new waterproof paper from Rite In The Rain and Field Notes. 40 Years down the line you can pull out your old notebook and read your notes, just like the day you wrote it.

There are plenty of other awesome/creative things that you can do with your everyday carry notebook/pen. But you get the point. They're super handy and are more permanent than words on a screen.


Everyday Carry Notebook


Why carry a notebook instead of using your phone?


1. It's more personal:
Everyone has a phone these days. There's nothing special or personal about words on a screen. There is however character and personality in your choice of a notebook and pen, as well as how you take your notes.

2. Leaving a note behind:
Let's say you had a great waiter or waitress at a restaurant and you decide you want to leave a generous tip/note behind for them. Are you going to leave your phone behind with the "notes" app pulled up? No...You will need a bit of paper and a pen to do this.

3. You will look more prepared:
Imagine with me again that you're meeting, or have met with someone for business or a job. You will appear more prepared when you pull out a notebook vs. your cell phone to take a quick note.

They will think you are more prepared, detailed, and put together since you carry items that have a purpose for real world applications. Rather than using what's at your disposal (your cell phone).

4. It releases you from the restraints of technology and is more creative:
With a pen and paper you can do whatever you want, without being restrained to the limits of a screen/app. And that creative freedom is amazing.


Everyday Carry Notebook


What notebooks/covers/pens would we recommend?


We're huge fans of the Rite In The Rain notepads as you can see here in this post. But the Field Notes are incredible as well. Both of these notebooks are incredibly durable and feature waterproof paper.


My Real-Life "Rite In The Rain" testimonial:

My well loved RITR notebook (not pictured) fell in the trash last week underneath 2 meals worth of food, from my 6 person family. I had to dig it out (ewww) and wash it down in the sink to disinfect it. After a thorough washing, my notes still look brand new and are totally readable. True...and very nasty story.


EDC Pen and Notebook


I'm personally a huge fan of the Fisher Space Pen that we sell. This pen is really compact, but still comfortable and it's built like a tank. It also fits into our notebook covers very well.


Notebook Covers:
We currently offer 3 notebook covers. Each of them have a slightly different task and i'll quickly hit on those below:

  1. "The First Responder" (shown in this post):
    This notebook cover is made for the Rite In The Rain spiral top notebooks. It's great for quick, on the go note taking.
  2. "The Inspector":
    This cover is made for the Field Notes notebooks. It's really nice for quick notes, or longer note taking sessions where you need a lot of words on the pages.
  3. "The Hypalon Inspector":
    This is a super cool wallet/notebook cover hybrid. It is made to carry the Field Notes notebooks, like the Inspector. This setup is perfect for the person who wants to carry their money, cards and notebook all in 1 place.


EDC Wallet and Notebook


Do you everyday carry a notebook?


Let's hear it! Do you carry a notebook as a part of your everyday carry? If so, we wanna hear your favorite notebook/pen combo down in the comments!

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