Why you should carry a handkerchief.

If you aren't already carrying a handkerchief as part of your everyday carry (EDC) you're missing out. Hankies have always been a classic staple in the gentleman's everyday carry and they have a lot of purpose, still to this day.

Why Carry a Handkerchief


Carry like a gentleman:

As mentioned above, carrying a handkerchief is a gentlemanly thing to do. A well laundered and nice looking hankie adds class to your EDC. And makes you look a bit more sophisticated when you need to wipe something clean (more on that later).

Classic Everyday Carry

In fact, look above:
This is Honest Abe Lincoln's final EDC, the night he was assassinated. We would've loved to have seen him carrying a Sergeant Wallet...But I guess we'll give him a pass since he did have a hankie, some everyday carry cash and a knife (see our top 10 EDC Items).


Wipe your hands & face:

I know, it's pretty obvious. But having a hankie handy is so valuable when you need to wipe your hands or face off.

I can't count the times i've went into a public restroom and they were out of paper towels. In my pre-hankie days I would've had to wipe my hands down my pant legs and come out looking like I had fell in the sink. Not now. I simply pull out my hankie, wipe my hands and fold it back up.

Why Carry a Handkerchief

And let's just be honest on this topic...Sometimes you have to wipe your nose or forehead. There's no appealing way to do this. So why not do it with something that is comfy and isn't attached to you (like your shirt sleeve...eww). Use a hankie, bro!


First Aid Possibilities:

A hankie is by no means something that you'll find in a traditional first aid kit. However, if you're already carrying one in your EDC along with your simple IFAK (like the one we showcased last week) it offers some opportunities in an emergency.

Carry a Hankie for First Aid

You can makeshift it into a large bandage/dressing if you have nothing else available, make it into a quick splint, or clean up an area. Just realize that your hankie is not sterile.


Cleaning up your other EDC Gear:

Having a handkerchief as part of your EDC is particularly handy for cleaning up your other everyday carry items, or anything for that matter throughout the day. You can use it to wipe your phone screen, clean off your knife blade(s), clean up messes, etc.

Carry a Handkerchief 


For the Pocket Dump Addict:

Going back to adding some class. We all live in the age of Instagram and EDC Pocket Dump Pictures. Hankies do a nice job of "classing" up those pocket dump pictures. 

EDC Hankie

Shown above are some awesome pictures that you all submitted to us on Instagram via our #RecycledFirefighter hashtag!


A few other things to know about Hankies:

  • If you're curious about any of the large number of uses for a handkerchief, just look up "uses for a bandana" on YouTube. A Handkerchief, while smaller than a bandana still has a lot of the same uses.
  • Launder your hankie and keep it clean! If you're using that bad boy it's gonna get gross eventually. So wash it regularly.
  • A hankie weighs nothing, doesn't take up much room when folded and can easily be carried in your back pocket on the opposite side of your wallet (which provides a nice balance).


Carrying a Handkerchief


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