Building a Waterproof EDC

Today we’re going to give you some tips for building a waterproof everyday with some products that we sell. And a few that we don’t. At the end of the article, please share 1 or 2 of your favorite Waterproof EDC items, we'd love to hear them! 

Waterproof EDC Gear


Waterproof Everyday Carry Gear


You always hear people raving about moisture wicking shirts, and water repelling pants. But what about waterproof (or water resistant) everyday carry gear? In my opinion, it’s just as important to use everyday gear that is safe from the elements. This will allow your gear to last longer, stay in better working order, and not soak you while you carry it (if it becomes wet).


Waterproof EDC Wallet


Waterproof EDC Wallet


We carry a few different waterproof EDC wallets here at Recycled Firefighter. But for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the “Vinyl Sergeant”, which happens to be on sale for $9 right now.

This wallet features one of our most popular materials, Fol-Da-Tank. This is a material found in the fire service for water tanks. It’s tough and obviously waterproof. Water simply beads up and falls off this wallet.

So, if your wallet takes a splash you won’t be sitting on a soggy wallet the rest of the day. Simply shake it off and go.


Waterproof EDC Notebook


Waterproof EDC Notebook


We carry the Rite in The Rain and “Expedition” Field Notes waterproof notebooks. These are amazing if you live an active lifestyle where you spend a fair bit of your time outdoors. The paper is indeed waterproof so your notes are always safe. And you can even take notes in the rain, with the right writing instrument.

* The “Expedition” Field Notes are waterproof, not the “Graph Paper".


Waterproof EDC Knife


Waterproof-ish EDC Knife


While I wish I could recommend a truly “waterproof” knife that I have personally used (like the Saltwater Series by Spyderco), I cannot. However, I would recommend that you look into S30V steel if you want a high-end steel that will hold an excellent edge. But also stand up against rust as you’re carrying it.

I know this is not a truly rust resistant blade steel. But it has proven better than most other common "super steels" within the industry. And i've had the best luck from it for EDC purposes.

* We'll save the blade steel discussion for a future post though ;)



Waterproof Wet Bag


This is a product we do not sell. But it’s something cool to consider for your time spent poolside, at the lake, hiking, camping or general adventuring.

It’s the Matador Droplet Wet Bag. This is a bag capable of being carried on your keychain, that will expand to 10.5” x 9”. It can keep wet in or out, depending on your needs.


Waterproof EDC Flashlight


Waterproof EDC Flashlight


As you already know, an everyday carry load-out is not complete without a good flashlight. And since you're reading an article about waterproof gear, it's time to check your light to see if it’s sealed and water resistant.


Waterproof EDC Gear


What are your waterproof (or water resistant) EDC essentials?


We could’ve flooded this article (oh yeah, pun intended) with waterproof EDC gear. But these are a few of our favorites. So, let’s hear it from you - What are a few of your favorite waterproof EDC essentials? Let us know in the comments below!

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