Summer Everyday Carry

Summer Everyday Carry Gear

Temperatures are starting to warm up here in Kentucky and the surrounding states. Which means it's about time to trade in the heavy everyday carry gear, for the lightweight stuff.

Today we wanted to have a quick chat about some pro's of lightweight summer everyday carry gear and what to look for in the gear you're selecting.

Let's dive in....

Summer Everyday Carry


Summer Everyday Carry Gun


Size - Keep it concealable:
In the winter you can get away with packing a hog-leg of a gun, due to bulky clothing and the extra layers. But in warmer months and t-shirt weather, it's time to put the 8" 44 Magnum away and opt for something a bit smaller like the Sig P938.

(Check out our top concealed carry guns list here)

We recommend something that can fit in the palm of your hand (or slightly larger) if you're going for concealability. Something much larger will print (ie: make shadows and creases on your clothing/poke out) and will be harder to conceal when you're in public.


Summer Everyday Carry Gun


Caliber - A little goes a long ways:
I know many people would debate me on this....But a smaller caliber in the summer months; when everyone is wearing thin layers, is not a bad route to go. A 9mm, or even a 380acp for that matter would get the job done in these warmer months if you (heaven-forbid) have to use your weapon in defense.

The biggest perk of pistols in these calibers is the size. You can pack 6-7 rounds on board in these pocket friendly pistols, and they still hide really well on your person.


Summer Everyday Carry Gear


Summer Everyday Carry Wallet


Slimming your wallet down is honestly a great thing to do anytime of the year. But in the summer it is a necessity. Nothing beats carrying only the essentials when you're out in a pair of board shorts at the beach, or wearing a pair of simple pants when you're taking the kiddos to the zoo.

Our Sergeant Wallet is our best seller and is the ideal summer everyday carry wallet. It's slim, lightweight, slips into a front pocket and carries everything you could need on a daily basis. Small & Lightweight is a necessity for summer.


Summer Everyday Carry


Summer Everyday Carry Knife


An everyday carry knife is #1 on our list of top EDC essentials. But I feel like the warmer months change up the requirements that an EDC Knife has to meet....Or maybe it's just because it gives me an excuse to buy another knife (don't tell my wife I said that).

For me, the ideal Summer Everyday Carry knife will come in under 4 ounces, have a blade that is under 3 1/2" and be useful in a lot of capacities (opening packages, food prep, tasks i'll encounter at camp or on hikes, etc).

Personally, the Spyderco Sage 5 shown in these pictures hits the mark for me and will be my summer everyday carry knife! It's lightweight, super useful in an array of tasks and slips into any size pocket with ease.


Summer Everyday Carry Knife


What about you? Drop us a comment!


What is your ideal summer everyday carry? What are you saving up for or eyeballing to add into your summer everyday carry this year?

We'd love to hear and chat about all of it below!

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