Slim down your wallet (more carry options, less back pain)

If you've been carrying a wallet for any length of time during your adult life you have most likely carried one that looks like the wallet above, and to the right. Believe it or not, that was a wallet that was in-use before the Recycled Firefighter wallets came around. And that was a "slimmed down" bifold style wallet from a big-box store. Not so thin in comparison to our Sergeant, huh?

So, what's the point of slimming your wallet down anyways?
Well for starters...Your back. It is going to thank you at the end of the day when you take an actual "slim wallet" out of your back (or front) pocket, rather than one of those huge/bulky junk collectors. We won't get scientific on back related discomfort, what big wallets do to your spinal alignment, etc. But we challenge you to carry a Sergeant or even a Rookie or Captain for a week or so. Just see if it's not more comfortable when you're sitting around at work or driving. We'd be willing to bet it's gonna blow your old wallet out of the water!

More carry options

In addition to taking a lot of strain off of your back, you're able to carry our wallets in a TON of different ways that a normal wallet wouldn't allow. For instance, our wallets are so light that they can be easily/comfortably carried in gym shorts or track style pants. This isn't a easy task for some wallets - But with our slim/lightweight wallets, it's no problem at all!

A true front pocket wallet

We're not throwing out a slogan when we say this is a TRUE Front Pocket Wallet. We honestly hardly ever carry our wallets in our back pockets these days...They're typically always riding in a front pocket. Even with other gear clipped into the same pocket, there's plenty of room for your wallet.

While we're on this topic: Who else hates digging around in your back pocket at a drive-thru for your wallet? You've gotta do that awkward half-sit, head-through-your-roof dance while fishing it out of your pocket. Well, carrying a slim wallet in your front pocket nixes that dance from happening. It's so much more convenient and easy to reach.


A few other tips for keeping your Recycled Firefighter Slim Wallet actually slimmed down:

  1. Nix the junk dudes and dudettes! Do you really need that blockbuster membership card from 10 years ago, that isn't even in business? Do you need your 2015 stack of receipts along for the ride? Nope. Slim down to the necessities. If you haven't used it in awhile, toss it in a drawer back at the house.
  2. Take advantage of the cash strap on the back and fold your bills into thirds.
    (ProTip: Start a jar back at the house for your $1 bills. This will lessen the bulk on your cash strap and act as a good savings technique too)
  3. Utilize an app to keep track of business cards that you're handed. Use your smartphone camera to take pictures of receipts. Your wallet shouldn't collect everything. So, use your phone or other means when you can.

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