How to pack an EDC Bag

We're getting super excited over here about the new 12 Hour Pack that launches for pre-order tomorrow! So, in preparation for this new product launch we wanted to give you guys some tips for packing your EDC bag the right way.

how to pack your everyday carry bag 

This could be the hiker or backpacker coming out in me, but I pay a lot of attention to the way my packs are loaded out. This ensures that they're packed evenly with the weight distributed well, and ensures everything is well protected/well contained.


Distributing Weight:

Ensuring that your packs weight is evenly dispersed and balanced is one of the biggest keys to comfort.

  1. As a general rule of thumb you should keep your lightweight items in the bottom of your pack and the heavy items at the top. This method allows your pack weight to ride up higher on your back and results in less "bag sag".
  2. Don't load up the left side of your pack heavier than the right, or vice versa. Try to distribute items of like-weights to either side of the pack.

    For example: If you have a 4lb item, put it to the left and two 2lb items on the right. An unbalanced pack will result in feeling uneven and will wear on your shoulders a lot quicker. 

Everyday Carry Backpack Contents


Don't pack the kitchen sink:

I am preaching to the choir here. I used to pack everything that I thought was relevant into my bags (even though it wasn't). I even carried all of this weight around for quite some time. But I finally got to the point where I noticed that I was wasting space with items that I never used. And I was causing a lot more work for myself than I needed to.

Slim your everyday carry bag contents down to the necessities. If you travel a lot, bring the things that you know you need (hygiene, change of clothes, chargers, etc). If you do simple commutes or day trips, pack the things that will make life easier on a day to day basis (ie: charger(s), some snacks for car rides, etc).

Also - Remember to include the essential items for EDC, either on your person or in your bag.

If you haven't used a certain item (or items) in your last 2-3 outings you're liking not going to use them and you could most likely afford to take them out of your kit. The only exception to this logic would be emergency contents, such as first aid, emergency tools, etc...Don't ditch those. 

Everyday Carry Backpack 2017


Pack your most used items conveniently:

If you know you reach for certain items on a regular basis, put them in an easy to access location. Such as the front zippered pocket, or at the top of your pack. For me, I am always reaching for GermX or my notepad. Or when i'm out in the backcountry, I always reach for my camera. So I place these in locations that I can easily reach in and get them.

The great thing about our 12 Hour Pack is that it's a flat-lay design. So all of your items will be easy to access when you unzip the pack all the way. But keeping your content placed in the most convenient locations is still a smart move, especially if you don't want to have to fully unzip the pack.

Ranger Roll Your Clothing When Packing

Tip: Ranger roll your clothing when packing to maximize space


Misc Packing Tips:

  1. Roll your clothing & put it near the bottom:
    By rolling your clothing it takes up less space than folding/stacking them. It also serves as a great, lightweight and padded base for the bottom of your pack.
  2. For small/loose items, contain them:
    - I personally love using the lightweight ditty bags found at sporting goods stores, or our Truckie Pouches for packing small items like cords / toothbrush & toothpaste / small hygiene items / etc.
    - Loose items also fit excellently into the 2 see-through mesh pockets on the new 12 Hour Bag (bonus points for the orange interior so you can see your stuff more easily).

Tip: Pack loose items in pouches, ditty bags or baggies as seen above.


We hope that this article has been helpful in showing you guys a few helpful tips on packing your EDC bag. Keeping it well balanced, paired down to the essentials and well organized will make your time out a lot more enjoyable.


Everyday Carry Bag


New for 2017 - Recycled Firefighter 12 Hour Bag

Don't forget to preorder the new for 2017 Battalion 12 Hour Pack, starting tomorrow! This pack is the perfect size for Everyday Carry, it's proudly made in the USA and features heavy duty military spec materials.

We can't wait to see how you all use your Recycled Firefighter Backpacks! Be sure to tag us on Instagram #RecycledFirefighter, connect with us on Facebook and drop us a comment below!



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    Hey There, DoombotBoy –
    The Mesh Truckie Pouch is currently in testing. Keep a look on the RF Instagram though for any updates about it :)

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    When are you guys releasing the mesh Truckie pouch?

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