Standout Features of the 12 Hour Bag

Happy Friday, Everyone!

We're closing this week out with another article here on the Everyday Carry Blog. And we wanted to chat with you all about our new 12 Hour Battalion Backpack and some of the standout features that are incorporated into it.


Recycled Firefighter Battalion EDC Bag


Standout Feature #1 - Size


The 12 Hour Battalion Backpack was built specifically as an EDC ("Everyday Carry") Bag. It's sized perfectly to give you the ideal amount of space to store your daily carry gear. No more, no less.

We believe any everyday carry item has to be comfortable and convenient to carry "every day". If it's not comfortable it will get left at home...And the 12 Hour Battalion Bag is indeed comfortable.


Everyday Carry Backpack


...Sized perfectly for EDC.


The 12 Hour Battalion Bag is incredibly convenient to carry on a daily basis. Because of it's small form factor, coming in at 12 Liters (17" tall x 9" wide x 4.5" deep). This pack will easily stow away into a backseat, floor board, overhead compartment on a plane or under a table at a restaurant.


Everyday Carry 12L Backpack


Standout Feature #2 - Grab Handle


A grab handle is often integrated into packs these days, so you may want to know why ours is so special. And we'd love to tell you.

The grab handle on the 12 Hour Battalion Backpack is 2" wide mil-spec webbing and box-tacked for added durability/longevity. This grab handle is incredibly easy to reach through (even with gloved hands), really distributes the weight of your backpack in your hand and is incredibly robust in it's construction.


Everyday Carry 12 Hour Backpack


Standout Feature #3 - Shoulder Straps


Our shoulder straps offer more padding than almost any other brand that you will pick up. Underneath the 1000D MilSpec Cordura outer layer you will find 1/2" thick padding, which makes this pack perfect for all-day comfort.


Everyday Carry Backpack 2017


...All Day Comfort.


One of the first things people mentioned after carrying this bag is how comfortable the straps are. They really do an excellent job of distributing the weight and not killing your neck or shoulders while you wear it.


Everyday Carry Backpack


Standout Feature #4 - Hi-Viz Blaze Orange Interior


The hi-visibility blaze orange interior was something that came about because it always seemed like we were overlooking stuff in our packs. Stuff would shift around, get cluttered and blend in with it's surroundings.


Recycled Firefighter Battalion Bag


...Find your stuff easily, day or night.


On the 12 Hour Battalion bag we changed things up to feature Hi-Viz Blaze Orange interior. With this bright interior there is no mistaking where your goods are! This is helpful in broad daylight, low-light, or even if you're riffling through your bag with a flashlight at night.


Recycled Firefighter Backpack


Standout Feature #5 - Exterior Slash Pocket


The front slash pocket gives you total access to the contents of this area on the 12 Hour pack. No more sticking your hand into a pocket, feeling around and hoping you pull the right thing out.

It was also designed so you can sling the backpack around while you're wearing it, unzip it and access your contents on the go. It's our solution to the sling bag concept (except it's way more comfortable than a sling bag).


Recycled Firefighter Everyday Carry Bag


Standout Feature #6 - Lay Flat Design


The 12 Hour Battalion Bag is a lay flat design. This means that the entire length of the bag unzips and folds over into a U Shape. This is often found in travel suitcases to maximize the ease of use. It has proven to be an incredible asset to everyday carry as well.

So, breathe a sigh of relief if you are sick of fishing through the bottom of packs. With the 12 Hour Battalion Bag, you won't have that struggle anymore. Everything is easy to get to on this one!


Recycled Firefighter Everyday Backpack


That's a wrap...Until Next Week, Folks!


That's a wrap for now! We hope you all enjoyed this simple list of the top features of our new 12 Hour Battalion Backpack. If you didn't snag one of these on preorder hit up the product page on our site. We're slowly building up an inventory for these.

If you do have one, be sure to drop us a comment below. Let us know your favorite parts of this bag and how you're using it as a part of your EDC!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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