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"The Fire Hose Inspector" Nylon Notebook Cover

Rugged Cover for Everyday Carry

Handcrafted out of real recycled fire hose and designed for both casual and professional use, "The Fire Inspector" is an excellent option for anyone who requires a modern and eco-friendly nylon notebook cover they can rely on for decades to come.

USA-made nylon notebook cover that's built to last

Be unique, take notes with actual pen and paper! "The Fire Inspector" is a durable and stylish notebook cover that's built for back pocket carry and sewn with pride. It's made from 5" fire hose supply line, which is the type of hose that connects the fire hydrant with the fire engine.

In addition to being built to last, "The Fire Inspector" features a convenient side-fold design and a pen sleeve. Its amazing fire hose texture makes it truly stand out from any other nylon notebook cover available today.

  • Made out of decommissioned polyester fire hose
  • Edged with military 1" nylon webbing
  • Sewn with size 90 nylon thread (15 lbs breaking strength)
  • Fold over design stays closed with .5" elastic strap
  • Size is 6" by 4" while closed
  • Top grain USA steer hide 3 ounce leather
  • (Pen and notebooks are sold separately)

"The Fire Hose Inspector" is compatible with the following items:

  • Field notes (all models)
  • Moleskine Cahier
  • Moleskine Volant
  • Any notebook that is 3.5" x 5.5" inches and side-folding

*Since no two pieces of repurposed fire hose are quite the same, and since every item is made by hand, each nylon notebook cover may look slightly different from what is shown on the website. Slightly darker colors or minor marks and scuffs may be present. Furthermore, only limited edition items have writing on them.

We always emphasize quality over quantity

We firmly believe the only correct way to do business is to not only provide our customers with top-of-the-line nylon notebook covers, but to also do so in a way that guarantees an outstanding buying experience. Beside making our online store as convenient as possible, we also offer frequent and numerous discounts and special deals to our clientele.

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Made using real fire hose

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30-day return & refund policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I protect my notebook?

There's no better way to keep a notebook safe than by putting it in a rugged nylon cover that is made out of actual firefighter hose. This not only prevents it from getting accidentally damaged or soaked, but also makes it easier to carry.

What material is used for your notebook covers?

Our products are made of decommissioned polyester fire hose, sewn with size 90 nylon thread, and edged with Military 1% nylon webbing. This makes it exceptionally resistant to damage without making any compromises on comfort or aesthetics.

How long will my nylon notebook cover last?

To say that our products are built to last would be putting it mildly. With normal use, your notebook cover should last you a lifetime. In the unlikely case that the product fails to meet your expectations, we offer a full 30-day refund and return policy.

What is the average cost of a nylon notebook cover?

You can see the price of each item on its product page. The cost is also displayed on the store section of our website, under the name of each item.

Who makes quality nylon notebook covers & other accessories?

Here at Recycled Firefighter, we specialize in designing, making, and selling highly durable items handmade out of actual decommissioned firefighter hose to customers who value both form and function in the items they rely on every day. Our catalog includes:

Reach out to us today if you'd like to order our products or learn more about who we are and what we do. We can't wait to meet you!