EDC Notebook Cover

EDC Notebook Cover


Happy Friday, Everyone! And welcome back to another article here on the EDC Blog! Are you currently everyday-carrying a notebook around, but don't have a cover for it? If so, this article is for you! If not, keep reading anyways - Because you might get convinced that you need both ;)


EDC Notebook Cover


Everyday Carry Notebook Cover


Our EDC Notebook Covers are extremely popular for people who love to carry a small notebook as part of their everyday carry. These covers keep your notes safe and protected from tears, spills, and an array of other things that could happen on a daily basis. And let's just be honest - They look cooler wrapped in fire hose or hypalon!

So today we wanted to share a bit about our Rite In The Rain Covers, as well as our Field Notes Covers. And hopefully help you all out if you’re on the fence about which one to purchase.


Rite In The Rain Cover


Rite In The Rain Notebook Cover


"The First Responder” Rite In The Rain notebook cover features a very simplistic top fold design. The front flap can conveniently carry a pen (ie: the Fisher Space Pen) and quickly fold out of the way when you need to take notes.

This compact Rite In The Rain cover is perfect for first responders or people looking for a quick, easy, compact note taking solution.



Why Rite In The Rain & Field Notes?


One of the coolest things about these notebooks is that they’re waterproof. I have actually had mine out in the rain, soaked them in water to clean them and deliberately tried to mess them up (all in the name of research & development ;)). They just won’t tear up though.


Waterproof Notebook Paper


Tough EDC Notebooks


Both of these brands are fantastic in terms of durability in other areas as well. Most notebooks fall apart at the seams after a couple of weeks of use. The notebooks from Rite In The Rain and Field Notes hold up to months of hard use though. I even have 1 Rite In The Rain notebook that’s going on a year of everyday carry.


Field Notes Cover


Field Notes Cover


The Inspector” Field Notes Cover offers large note taking capabilities in a compact package. This notebook cover is slightly larger than the “First Responder”, because the Field Notes pages are a bit bigger than those found in Rite In The Rain notepads. Additionally, this is a side fold design. So it feels more like a traditional notebook that most people are familiar with.


Field Notes Wallet


Field Notes Wallet


"The Hypalon Inspector” is quite possibly one of our most versatile products yet. This wallet/Field Notes hybrid offers the best of both worlds. You can store your field notes, as well as your debit cards and cash all in one slim location. What’s even cooler about this product? The Hypalon material is waterproof. Which combines perfectly with the waterproof paper of the Field Notes.


EDC Notebook Covers


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Are you not convinced that you should EDC a notebook? Last month we posted an article about this topic. Give it a read here if you’re still not totally sold on adding these two items to your EDC.


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