EDC Gear Storage: Keeping it Organized.

This week we're going to be chatting about EDC Gear Storage. This will give you a glimpse into a couple of organizational systems that i've personally integrated for my gear when it's not in use, or when I need it organized and close by.

Hopefully it will give you some ideas to get your EDC Gear more organized like i've recently done.

EDC Gear Storage


Smaller storage system for when i'm on the go:

I will often times use one of our "Major" EDC pouches to organize various gear that won't fit into my pockets but needs to be easily accessible. I usually slip this pouch down into my everyday carry bag. But from time to time it resides in my glove box depending on what's in it.

edc gear pouch

Carrying one of these pouches allows me to have a spare magazine or two, an extra knife, tools and other gear in one easy to grab container. This has really helped me to keep my frequently needed gear organized, instead of it being tossed all throughout a bag or scattered around in my cars glove box.

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Larger Storage System for unused EDC Gear: 

For gear that is not in my everyday carry rotation but I want it to be easy to access I store it in a hard shell pistol case. This case has been the perfect solution for storing 10+ knives, a couple of pistols, spare mags, flashlights and more. You're currently seeing some pictures of it in use as my knife and gun storage system.

What I love about this type of case is it locks via a padlock, which is great for people who have young n's running around. The padded dividers not only serve as a great protector for your gear but they also keep it separated, organized and help it to not slide around.

I have really liked this simple storage system for my most commonly carried items when they're not in use.


Do you have some cool ways that you store your EDC Gear?

Whenever your everyday carry gear comes out of your pockets and off of your belts, do you have a cool way of storing it? Or do you use a "Major" pouch to organize your commonly used gear?

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