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"The Fire Hose Sergeant"

Slim front pocket wallet for men

Made by hand out of repurposed fire hose and designed to provide unparalleled comfort and ease-of-use, "the Sergeant" is a fantastic choice for people who need a minimalist and long-lasting wallet with a money clip.


Slim, American-made minimalist wallet with a valiant fire service history

Designed to be carried comfortably in your front pocket, the Sergeant Wallet is made out of real fire hose and built to withstand the stresses of daily use. Over the last 3 years, it's been our #1 top seller. In fact, we sell two Sergeants for one of every other style of wallet. We believe this speaks to the uniqueness and quality this product brings to the table.

  • Crafted out of real decommissioned fire hose
  • Sewn using T-90 nylon thread (15 lbs breaking strength)
  • Bordered with 1" mil-spec nylon binding
  • Over 5,000 five star reviews
  • Compact, no nonsense design
  • Virtually disappears in your front pocket
  • Easy access to receipts with the elastic band on the back
  • Holds 4-8 cards (some hose is tighter than others)
  • 5" mil-spec elastic money clip (cash folded into thirds)

*Repurposed fire hose frequently comes with marks, scuffs, and slight discolorations. As a result, some items may not look exactly the same as their product photos. Furthermore, each item is uniquely handmade in the USA, so there may be minor differences in how each minimalist wallet looks. Finally, only limited edition items come with writing on them.

What makes our products stand out

In addition to providing you with resilient and versatile firefighter wallets with money clips, we also deliver a great buying experience. Our online shop is designed to be intuitive and keep your sensitive data secure. To ensure your total satisfaction, we also offer discount coupons, 30-day return policies, and fairly priced shipping.

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Crafted out of recycled fire hose

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Broad array of American-made front pocket wallets & other products for sale

Aside from minimalist wallets for men, our catalog also includes a variety of other handcrafted items, including handkerchiefs, backpacks, belts, fanny packs, keychains, and more. Here's a quick look at some of our most popular products: Our Fire Hose Sergeant front pocket wallet is long-lasting, highly functional, and has a timeless aesthetic that won't look outdated or out of place in any situation. Most customers email us and say: "I forget I even have anything in my pocket most of the time". We love to hear this because it means we've succeeded in creating a truly slim front pocket wallet that offers unrivaled functionality. By coming with a money clip and holding up to 8 cards, the Sergeant really makes you get rid of all the cards you don't really need. This in turn keeps the unnecessary junk from making your wallet bulky for no reason. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a minimalist wallet?

Slim or minimalist wallets are designed to increase comfort and free up pocket space by cutting down on the amount of unnecessary cards, coins, and other items people carry on their person. They serve as a more compact, functional, and light replacement for traditional bulky billfolds.

Where are firefighter minimalist wallets made?

Our production facility is located in Louisville, Kentucky. All of our products are fully made in the USA, and built out of extra-resilient materials such as repurposed fire hose, high-quality leather, and mil-spec nylon binding and thread.

Why slim wallets are better for men?

Since men often carry essential items such as keys and phones in their pockets, they tend to be better served by slim front pocket wallets that don't take nearly as much space as traditional leather billfolds. This results in increased comfort and convenience throughout the day.

How much does an average firefighter wallet cost?

Different models have different prices. To learn more, visit the store section of our website or check out the product pages of the items you're interested in. Also, don't forget to check if we're currently offering any promotions or discounts.

Who offers American-made, slim, minimalist wallets for sale?

Here at Recycled Firefighter, we did what no one else thought to do: we took over 20 tons of decommissioned fire hose and gave it new life by transforming it into a wide range of practical everyday items that will last you a lifetime.

Our durable and economical Fire Hose Rookie bifold wallets and military-spec 1000D nylon Sergeant front pocket wallets are just some of the many items we've created using this resilient material. Visit our store today, or get in touch with us via phone if you'd like to ask further questions and learn more about our products.