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"The Probie Nomex Handkerchief"

The Probie

Fire-resistant Nomex firefighter handkerchief

We’re in charge of manufacturing the only Nomex handkerchief available for sale on the market. This is the accessory for you if you’re looking for unmatched comfort and durability.

Our Nomex handkerchief is a versatile product capable of serving different purposes. Also, it’s a perfect firefighter gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, or any other loved one you’re hoping to surprise. It’s absorbent, sleek, and most importantly the right size for different situations

Our USA-made Nomex handkerchief for men is the accessory you need

The Nomex handkerchief is an extremely versatile accessory that can fulfill a range of functions on a daily basis. It’s pleasant to the touch, soft, and fire resistant. It comes in several different colors, including a combination of blue and black, dark brown and black, orange and black, as well as gray and black. It’s the only handkerchief of its kind available for sale, and it also features other unique characteristics:

  • Made from new Nomex/Kevlar woven fabric
  • Very absorbent
  • Soft enough for wiping nose or sweat 11" by 11"
  • Top stitched with size #90 Nylon Thread x
  • The only Nomex Hanky on the market!

See what the Recycled Firefighter method brings

Our company focuses on more than just high-quality Nomex handkerchiefs. We also foster honest relationships with our customers, fast delivery, comprehensive return and refund policy, and reasonable pricing on products that will last you years. That’s what makes us different.

Free-of-charge shipping on all orders above $99.

Manufacture by hand from decommissioned fire hoses.

Pay attention to our frequent promotions and discounts.

No-hassle return and refund policy for 30 days.

We’re about lot more than just Nomex fire-resistant handkerchiefs

We don’t just focus on creating the highest-quality Nomex handkerchiefs for sale. Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide range of hard-wearing, practical, modern products. Our company works hard on designing and manufacturing an array of products, including backpacks, duffle bags and packs, high-visibility patches, notebook covers, front-pocket and bifold wallets, pocket caddies, fanny packs, tool rolls, and so much more. Explore our selection of products and order yours today! Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nomex?

Nomex is a meta-aramid material that’s fire-resistant and mostly used by firefighters in the USA as part of their equipment, mostly hoods that protect their faces from flames. Its origin dates back to the early 1960s. These types of aramid polymers have aromatic properties and a strong relation to nylon, making them extremely durable, but also soft to the touch and pleasant to use. Nomex can withstand temperatures of up to 370℃, and it also boasts high radiation and chemical resistance.

Should men carry a handkerchief?

Yes, it’s aboslutely practical for men to carry a handkerchief, especially if it’s made from a highly durable material such as Nomex. In fact, a handkerchief made from this firefighter material is a great gift for a boyfriend, father, brother, or friend. Some of the most common uses for such an accessory are:

  • Wiping off sweat
  • Blowing a runny nose
  • Drying your hands
  • Wiping your phone and notebook

How do I choose a handkerchief?

The main considerations for your handkerchief should be the material it’s made of, its size, as well as the color. First, find a handkerchief made from a suitable material, such as Nomex. This is a fire-resistant material used by firefighters that’s highly durable and soft, making it perfect for a hanky. After that, it’s all about selecting the right size of your handkerchief, as well as the color you like.

How much should a good handkerchief cost?

You cannot put a price on a good handkerchief. For example, be willing to spend about $25 on a high-quality Nomex firefighter handkerchief that will last for many years to come.

Who makes high-quality Nomex firefighter handkerchiefs?

If you’re looking for the perfect firefighter gift for your boyfriend, or if your loved ones need a high-quality handkerchief, Recycled Firefighter is the place for you. Our USA-made Nomex handkerchiefs are pleasant to the touch, versatile, and extremely durable, providing many years of day-to-day use. However, that’s not all we offer. Besides our signature Nomex men’s handkerchiefs, we also design and make a whole line of different top-quality accessories, including:

Explore our stock on our website, see what speaks to you, and order today!