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"Everyday Carry Fire-Fighting Belt"

Sturdy & stylish belts for everyday use

Fastidiously handcrafted out of actual fire hose that has been saved from the landfill and given a brand new purpose, our fire-fighting belts are designed from the ground up to deliver convenience and reliability that will last you a lifetime.

    High-quality fire-fighting belts made out of real fire hose

    Our 1.5" fire hose everyday carry belt was built to offer truly great bang for your buck. Double-stitched with 1" binding on each edge and with an elegant yet highly effective design, it's a comfortable and dependable solution for day-to-day comfort. 100% sewn in the USA.

    This fire-fighting belt comes in the universal 48" size, but the end can be cut or melted with a lighter to your preferred length before being inserted into the buckle. Keep in mind that the belt buckle isn't designed as a lifesaving device and won't be able to hold your body weight. It will only hold a modest amount of weight before slipping, probably around 50lbs or less. We do sell additional buckles if you require a replacement.


    • Durable, thin, no-nonsense EDC Belt
    • 48" (the tail can be cut to size)
    • Handmade in America (on a beast of a machine)
    • 5" "Cinch" black buckle
    • Single layer
    • 1" mil-spec binding on edges
    • Easy-to-adjust friction buckle

    *Repurposed fire hose naturally comes with slight discolorations, marks, and scuffs, so there's a chance that your belt won't look 100% the same as its product picture. Since all items are made by hand, there may also be minor differences in how they're put together. Finally, only limited edition products have writing on them.

    We're not happy unless you're happy

    We take great pride in the quality of our products and want all of our clients to be 100% satisfied with their fire-fighting belts and other items they received from us. Our online shop is designed to offer maximum convenience and enable our customers to easily take advantage of our numerous discounts and affordable shipping options.

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    We operate under the belief that our clients want rugged, practical, and eye-catching everyday carry items, and that we're the ones who can meet their needs. Our products include handkerchiefs, wallets, backpacks, fanny packs, tool rolls, and more. We plan to keep growing our company and expanding our catalog. If you wish to order an item or give us your ideas on any new products you'd like us to make, please give us a call. We'll happily hear you out and go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Read more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it good to gift a fire hose belt?

    Fire-fighting belts are a great gift idea because it's so universal. After all, everybody needs a quality belt that they can wear on a daily basis without the risk of it breaking or wearing down too fast.

    How do you put on a fire-fighting belt?

    Same as you would any other belt. Simply put the belt through the loops on your pants until it comes all around your waist. Pull the end through the buckle until it's neither too tight nor too loose, and close the buckle clamp. Keep in mind that this fire-fighting belt is designed for comfort, and isn't intended for gun carry.

    How long should a fire hose belt last?

    The materials we use are very tough. This ensures that, with normal use, your fire-fighting belt should easily last you a lifetime. Belt buckles may weaken after many years of use, but these are easily replaceable.

    How expensive is a fire-fighting belt?

    The cost of each item in our catalog is displayed at the top of its dedicated product page. You can also check out the costs on the store section of our website.

    Where can I buy fire-fighting belts & other items made out of fire hose?

    Founded by a firefighter who saw valiant history where others saw old fire hoses, Recycled Firefighter designs, produces, and sells an array of handy and durable everyday accessories that will stand the test of time. Our offering includes:

    Take a look at our webshop today, or reach out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns.