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Cotton CDC-recommended firefighter mask for sale

Our goal is to offer our customers the most comfortable and durable USA-made cotton firefighter masks designed to provide a degree of protection and modern design.

What’s more, we actively work on donating both a portion of these masks and a portion of our sales to local hospitals struggling with the pandemic of COVID-19. Our masks provide great face coverage without losing any comfort. Note that these CDC-recommended masks are not medical-grade masks.

What makes our USA-made cotton mask a good choice

We’ve designed and manufactured sleek and comfortable USA-made firefighter masks for sale made from two layers of cotton 6oy Jersy Fabric. They feature 1” Mil-Spec binding on behind-the-head ties and a 5” long 18-gauge plastic coated wire for nose seal adjustment. Other important characteristics include:

  • These masks are not rated for filtration. They aren’t medical-grade masks, but they’re better than nothing.
  • Washable with antibacterial soap and reused. It’s better than No Mask while you venture out in the world.
  • 100% MADE IN USA in small batches in Louisville, KY
  • We are working on donating either a portion of sales to our local hospital in need or donating a certain amount of these physical masks to help fight COVID19. This is ongoing and still being worked out. 
  • Tied Ends are each 16" long 
  • Mask section raw dimensions are 6"tall by 8" wide
  • Please use caution when wearing these, especially when taking off after possible exposure! We will not be held liable for personal use/ misuse. 
  • HAND WASH ONLY, or throw in a mesh bag before washing in the washing machine on "gentle." Hang or air dry suggested. WASH BEFORE first use.
  • One per person suggested and adults only. 
  • This item is FINAL SALE - please NO returns/ NO exchanges due to health concerns
  • NO LIFETIME WARRANTY available on this product

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cotton breathable for masks?

Yes, cotton is a completely breathable material for masks. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing masks. It offers a good combination of thick fabric, comfort, and filtering against harmful particles. What’s more, double-knit cotton masks with two layers of fabric are among the longest lasting and useful masks currently available on the market. If you’re looking for a high-quality mask, check out our USA-made firefighter masks for sale.

Should a mask be washable?

Yes, if you’re buying a USA-made cotton firefighter mask it definitely has to be washable. It’s usually best to wash these masks gently and by hand with antibacterial soap. It’s also possible to wash them in the washing machine using a mesh and a gentle cycle, but to ensure you avoid any possible damage to it, handwashing is the preferred method. Also, the more gentle you are with the washing, the more your mask will last.

How do I choose a good mask?

Some of the most important considerations you need to make when looking for the perfect USA-made cotton firefighter mask for sale are:

  • Tight fit
  • Good comfort
  • Long ties
  • Nose seal wire
  • Excellent breathability
  • Washability
  • Two layers of cotton

To make sure you purchase the exact mask you want, find the one that ticks all the important boxes for you.

How long can I reuse a cotton mask?

With proper care, reusable cotton masks can remain effective for up to a year, as there’s currently no evidence to support that washing and drying will negatively affect this material’s ability to stop harmful particles.

Where can I purchase firefighter cotton masks made in the USA?

Our company handcrafts each of the cotton firefighter masks we offer for sale. We focus on making our masks as comfortable as they are stylish. Our offerings are washable and durable for many months of easy use. However, we manufacture a lot more than just masks. If you’re looking for more, explore our selection of high-quality accessories which include:

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