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"The Mil-Spec 1000D Nylon Sergeant Wallet"

Strong & reliable nylon slim front pocket wallet

Our top-quality slim front pocket nylon wallets, made right here in the USA, offer a comfortable fit, great durability, and tough materials that will last for years. The sleek design and small form factor means that you’ll forget it was in your pocket. And the best thing is that it’s all from repurposed fire hoses, over 40,000 feet of them over the years. We meticulously design and test each piece and bring it into your hands with superfast shipping.


Double-layered men’s nylon wallet for comfortable front pocket carry

Our mens slim front pocket wallet is made from Military-Spec 1000D nylon fabric. It’s made in the USA and sewed to last. It’s comfortable and easily fits in any pocket. It features a modern design that comes in three colors – multicam, black Xpac, raid Xpac, and woodland. The main characteristics are:

  • Made from highly durable 1000D Nylon (Double Layer)
  • Sewn with T-90 nylon thread
  • 100% MADE IN USA
  • Camo pattern varies slightly on each wallet
  • Edged with 1" Mil-Spec Nylon Ribbon
  • Slim yet EXTREMELY durable
  • Holds up to 8-10 cards
  • 5" Mil-Spec Elastic Cash Strap (cash folded into thirds)

Experience the advantages of going for Recycled Firefighter

Besides using fully recycled materials that offer durability and longevity with a dose of style, we focus on offering next-level customer experience. It all begins with our handcrafted front pocket nylon wallets made in the USA, but it continues through our dedicated approach to getting our products at your doorstep without inconveniences or additional costs:

Free shipping across the United States for orders over $99.

Crafted with decommissioned fire hoses & expert workmanship.

Frequent promotions & discounts to take advantage of.

Return and refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Discover durable mens front pocket nylon wallets & more

We design, handcraft, and deliver a wide range of sturdy, functional, and visually-appealing items that go beyond nylon slim wallets. We manufacture backpacks, duffle bags, fanny packs, elastic card wallets, keychains, tool rolls, pocket caddies, handkerchiefs, and many other items. We make everything ourselves, in the USA, and focus on resilience, durability, and repurposed materials. Explore our stock and get in touch with us to receive additional information. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slim front pocket wallet?

Front pocket mens wallets are items designed to easily fit either your front shirt pocket, or your front jeans pocket. They reduce the number of items you’d otherwise carry with you in a standard wallet, and also enhance security as it’s much more difficult for an individual to attempt to steal one from your front pocket.

Also, their small form factor means they’re also lightweight, making them suitable for daily driving. Finally, if you choose a Recycled Firefighter Sergeant slim front pocket wallet made in the USA from 1000D recycled nylon, you’ll also receive exceptional longevity and durability.

How big is a slim front pocket wallet?

The size of a slim front pocket wallet varies. However, it’s important that such wallets retain a small form factor that allows them to comfortably fit in your front pockets. Any bigger than that, and they lose their primary function.

Is nylon a good material for front pocket wallets?

Yes, nylon is an excellent material for wallets. At Recycled Firefighters, we recycle decommissioned fire hoses and make our slim front pocket wallets from one of the most resilient materials available. This is how we ensure they’re strong and hard-wearing.

How do I choose the right slim front pocket wallet?

When you’re looking to purchase a slim front pocket wallet, make sure you find one that’s:

  • The right size for your requirements
  • Made from durable materials
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • With a design you like

Where can I buy durable slim front pocket nylon wallets fully made in the USA?

Recycled Firefighters has been making durable and resilient slim front pocket nylon wallets for more than seven years. We recycle decommissioned fire hoses to create aesthetically pleasing and strong products capable of withstanding many years of everyday wear and tear. We make everyday carry items look good, feel good, and last good.

Besides mens front pocket wallets made in the USA, we also manufacture different lines of high-quality wallets, including:

Visit our website, explore our stock, and order your wallet today!