You need an EDC Tray!

You need an EDC Tray!

Happy Friday, folks and welcome back to the EDC Blog! Today's the day that we post about awesome gear, chat about new products and all of that awesome stuff.

But today, instead of telling you about awesome gear to toss into your pockets, we're gonna show you a cool product that you can toss all of that gear into at the end of the day. Let's dive in!


EDC Tray


EDC Tray


If you're unfamiliar, an EDC Tray is exactly what it sounds like. A tray that your everyday carry gear gets tossed into. And they are super awesome to use!


Everyday Carry Tray


Organizing Your Gear


An everyday carry tray is awesome for keeping all of your gear organized. You can sit your EDC Tray on your nightstand, desk or bathroom counter. Dump your gear into it each night...Then the next morning, you'll know exactly where it is!

I personally love sitting mine on my desk to keep my stuff organized when I sit down for a day's worth of work. I can easily get to my stuff and it adds a bit of style/class to my workspace.


EDC Tray


Your Gear Is Kept Safe


What I love about our EDC Tray are the built-up walls/edges around the tray. This ensures that things like a flashlight, chapstick or loose change won't roll out.


EDC Tray


Cool Points


We talk a lot about adding cool points to your EDC and an EDC Tray will do just that! Tossing your gear onto your nightstand or counter at the end of the day is...well, lame. Organize it with a dash of awesome-sauce at the end of the day with an EDC Tray and it looks 110% more cool.


EDC Tray


Reclaimed For The Win


Our EDC Trays are made from reclaimed wood, right here in Recycled Firefighter's Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky! Each tray has its own character and story to tell.

Our trays are handmade in Louisville. And finished off with a laser engraved Recycled Firefighter Logo and a durable clear coat to protect the tray and your gear.


EDC Tray


Buy Yours Today


Ready to up your EDC Game with the best tray on the market? Buy it here for $49!

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