Why Use a Front Pocket Wallet?

Let's face it - Bulky wallets are a thing of the past. With wallets like our Sergeant, you can carry everything you need in a compact sleeve. Which is ideal for front pocket carry.

If you're unfamiliar with front pocket carry, you may be wondering why you would even consider this. So, we wanted to help and list our top 10 reasons for why you should consider Front Pocket Wallet Carry.


Why use a front pocket wallet


Why Use a Front Pocket Wallet?


#1 - Comfort: It's more comfortable. Front Pocket Wallets slip into your pocket with virtually no added bulk.

#2 - Ease of Use: If you've ever fished a wallet out of your back pocket while in a car, you know it's a pretty goofy looking dance to retrieve your wallet. Front Pocket Wallet's solve this issue.

#3 - Less wear on your clothes: Since you won't be sitting directly on your wallet all day, your pants will last longer and not get the notorious wallet worn look.


Why carry a front pocket wallet


#4 - Safer from pick-pocketing: Pick-pocketers are pretty savvy at snatching wallets from a back pocket. However, it takes a lot more effort for someone to retrieve your wallet from a front pocket. (And I honestly don't know how you wouldn't realize someone reaching into your front pocket)

#5 - Safer from accidental loss: Not only is carrying your wallet in a front pocket safer from thieves, it is also less likely to fall out & become lost. Your back pockets are typically less secure. Whereas, your front pockets are tighter and deeper. So, you run little to no risk of accidentally losing a wallet carried in the front pocket.

#6 - Less wear on your wallet contents: Just as we mentioned in #3, you will also preserve your cards and wallet contents by front pocket carrying them.


Why use a front pocket wallet


#7 - It's better for your back: Bulky back-pocket wallets create an unnatural balance when sitting down that can cause a lot of damage to your back. You will notice your back feeling 100% better after carrying a front pocket wallet.

#8 - Front pocket wallets will force you to minimize: If you are a clean freak or just someone who likes to keep things orderly you'll enjoy a front pocket wallet. Our Sergeant wallet only holds around 8 cards and some cash. So, it will force you to clean up your wallet and ditch the un-used stuff.

#9 - You don't have to remove your wallet upon sitting down: I can remember the days of using a bulky back pocket wallet...I would always remove it when I knew I'd be sitting for a while. That has its own set of risks...Such as, where are you going to put it, what if you forget it, etc. With a front pocket wallet - This is no longer a step you need to do.

#10 - They look awesome: Let's just call it for what it is...Front Pocket wallets just look cooler! They're slim, trim and modern. So, if you are looking to add some style to your EDC (everyday carry), get a front pocket wallet!


Why use a front pocket wallet

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