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by Jacob Starr April 07, 2017

We obsess over the finest of details in our products. Everything from how it's stitched, to the color combos we choose and the zippers...It all has to be perfect or it doesn't leave the door.

Why Are YKK Zippers Good?



Why Are YKK Zippers Good?

If you haven't used many high-end bags or pouches, you may think "a zipper is just a zipper". But, think about this....How many products have you used that feature subpar zippers? You'll see the signs of a cheap zipper when the pull tab snaps off after a bit of use and the zipper will eventually come off track (causing a massive headache for you to fix...if you can manage to fix it).

With YKK Zippers, you simply don't have this problem (or at least we haven't...in our massive amount of testing). They are as solid as they come and work every time.


Military Spec YKK Zipper


We use the biggest & best zippers (size #10):

In our products you will notice that our zippers and pulls are HUGE! That's because we use YKK's military and tactical grade #10 Zippers and Pulls. These bad boys are bombproof!

We also finish the zippers off with 550 (paracord) pull cords for added durability, ease of use (with gloved hands, or not) and it gives you the option to personalize it if you choose by simply replacing our paracord with your own.


Tactical Zipper Pulls


Added Water Protection:

YKK Zippers seal up incredibly tight when zipped up. They are also treated in such a way that they shed water quickly, and repel it from seeping through to your inside contents.

We're not saying these zippers are "waterproof", nor are our products...But these zippers do add some protection from the elements, which is an added bonus.


Products using YKK Zippers


Self lubricating zippers:

YKK Zippers are amazing, because they self-lubricate the more you use them. You'll notice that other brands of zippers become sticky and gritty over time. Not with YKK...They will feel more smooth, the more you use them.


USA Made YKK Zippers


USA Made Zippers:

It's no secret that we are very proud about remaining USA Made with our products. And YKK helps us deliver on this, because their products are also USA made.

Sure, "American-Made" is more expensive for us and our products...But it's worth the investment.

But we're reinvesting into our economy, giving jobs to our fellow people and we're supporting some of the best products on the planet!


YKK Zippers


YKK Zippers Look Good!

Let's talk vanity for a second...YKK Zippers JUST. LOOK. GOOD!

We're able to get YKK zippers in a TON of different colors and configurations. Which allow us to fine tune every single part of our products (from a visual perspective). That's pretty stinkin' awesome! (Can you imagine our products with a little dinky/gold zipper...no thanks! ;))


YKK Zippers Recycled Firefighter


Dig what you've seen?

We hope you all loved this article of why we use YKK zippers. If you enjoyed it, liked the products and haven't tried these zippers for yourself please head over to our shop (here).

As always we offer FREE USA Shipping, we're USA Made and have over 7,700+ 5 Star Reviews (and counting).

Jacob Starr
Jacob Starr

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December 21, 2021

YKK is a Japanese company. They have a plant in Georgia. But the lion’s share of profits go back to Tokyo headquarters.

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