What's In My Bag • Recycled Firefighter Photographer

What's In My Bag • Recycled Firefighter Photographer


12 Hour Backpack as a Creators Toolbox


Hey, Everyone! I'm Anthony, I do a lot of the creative work and photography that you see here at Recycled Firefighter. I carry a bag of some sort every single day for work. I house my cameras, lenses, computer and all sorts of other things in my everyday carry bag. So, as you can expect, I give my bags quite the workout.



My Go-To Bag for EDC


As you can imagine, working in a field where I'm required to carry a solid and dependable bag each day, the options are endless as to what I could carry. I have carried everything from sling bags to photography specific bags, to tactical bags and many other types.

And while I do like certain bags for specific reasons/photography adventures, I always seem to default back to the 12 Hour Backpack for Everyday Carry.



My On-The-Go Workstation


The 12 Hour Backpack is compact, lightweight and holds the perfect amount of gear that I need on a daily basis.

During any given week, you can find me creating photographs for the Recycled Firefighter Instagram, making short YouTube videos and doing all sorts of other creative work from this backpack...It's my on-the-go workstation.



Why do I EDC This Bag?


The 12 Hour Backpack is incredibly compact and hugs your back perfectly. Which makes it ideal for carrying in crowded public spaces. I carry this bag to church, restaurants, meetings and everything between, and it has never gotten in the way or took up too much space. In fact, I hardly ever remember it's there. And to me, that's the most important aspect of something that you EDC (every day carry).

My other high point of praise for this backpack is its comfort. I have loaded it way past its intended limits on multiple occasions and it's always been comfortable. I credit this to the design of the shoulder straps.



Want to see more?


If you'd like to see everything I carry in my Recycled Firefighter 12 Hour Backpack, take a look at the video above, or click over to YouTube here. I break down a lot more of my thoughts in that video and show you all everything I carry in the bag!

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