What we're carrying as our EDC (part 1 of 2)

Everyone's EDC is just as unique as the person carrying it. The user will tailor their gear around their personal requirements, needs, preferences and style.

So, as a company that focuses heavily on the EDC Community we thought that you all may want to see what we are personally carrying as part of our EDC. And how we're using some of the Recycled Firefighter gear.

What we're everyday carrying

This all came about when we did a surprise "gear check" to each other one week. If you're unfamiliar with a gear check, it's basically what it sounds like. It's when a fellow EDC'er checks to make sure the other one has a killer stash of gear on them.

This gear check spun off and we started asking each other how we were personally using the gear pouches and new Chief backpacks. It was neat to see the difference between each others load-outs and we wanted to share the results here...


EDC Pocket Dump:
This was everything in our pockets/on our belt at the time of the gear check.

everyday carry pocket dump

edc pocket dump


How we are using our "Chief" Backpacks:
Below you'll see everything that is currently riding in our Chief Backpacks. We are BEYOND excited for these to go up for Pre-Order next week...You won't want to miss this new product!

They're extremely versatile and can be customized entirely to meet your personal needs. To prove that, here are 2 extremely different load outs.

everyday carry backpack

Jake is currently using his Chief backpack as a diaper bag for his new baby. And it does an incredible job at it!

You can easily fold it open to lay flat to get to wipes, diapers, replacement clothes or to remedy whatever situation your kiddo decides to throw at you.

tactical everyday carry backpack

Anthony currently has his Chief backpack set up as a emergency/vehicle bag, that he often uses on hikes as well. The pack is set up to handle everything from food/water preparation, to emergency shelter making, first aid and a lot more.


EDC "Major" Gear Pouch Dump
We use our "Major" gear pouches a lot. Depending on what we're carrying we'll switch it up to meet our needs. Below are a couple of our gear pouches that we currently have in-use.

everyday carry gear pouch

The majors are a great "grab and go" solution if you don't feel like cramming everything in your pant pockets. They do extremely well as a EDC organizer to toss in a car door/glove compartment too.

individual first aid kit pouch

They are also an incredible organizer for a IFAK (individual first aid kit). It fits all of the essentials perfectly and is well organized so you know where to reach when you need an item in a hurry.


What's in your EDC? Tag #RecycledFirefighterEDC

Are you an EDC enthusiast like us? Obviously you are if you've made it this far. If you're on Instagram tag us with #RecycledFirefighterEDC with pics of what you're carrying in your Recycled Firefighter Gear. Or drop us a comment below. We want to see how you're putting our gear to work!


Don't Forget! Pre-Order's start July 4th for "The Chief" Backpacks!

Pre-orders open up on July 4th for the new Chief backpacks and close on July 12th! This is going to be an incredible product release that we know everyone will love. So, save those pennies - eat ramen noodles for a week and pick one up if you can!

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