What Wallet Material Should I Buy?

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today we wanted to release an article that will hopefully help you pick the right material for your next wallet. We offer 4 main materials and we totally understand if you're having a hard time picking just one. So, hopefully this article will help you choose. If not - Buy 'em all, as we always say...We won't judge you ;)


Recycled Firefighter Wallets


Fire Hose vs. Tarp vs. Leather vs. Hypalon


One of the biggest things that people have to decide when picking out a Sergeant Wallet is what material they want to get it in. Rightfully so...The materials we've chosen for these wallets can definitely be hard to choose form. Because they're all awesome in their own right.

And in all honesty, the choice really boils down to your personal preference for the look of the wallet. But the 4 materials do differ from each other a bit, so that could make a difference to you. I'll describe them all a bit below...


Recycled Firefighter Wallets


Fire Hose Wallet


The Firehose Wallet is so unique, because it uses decommissioned fire hose as it's main material. Some firehose is extremely rigid and thick, only allowing 4-6 cards inside the Sergeant Wallet. While some hose has seen a lot more use in the field and has more "give" to it, allowing the full 8 card capacity.


Recycled Firefighter Wallet


Unique Trait(s) of Fire Hose:

It's super unique and a great conversation starter...I mean, who else is packing around a firehose in their back or front pocket?

It is also bombproof. I honestly doubt I could mess this stuff up unless I had a super sharp knife and a lot of determination.


Recycled Firefighter Wallets


Leather Wallet


Leather Wallets simply put, are a staple of the classic gentleman's everyday carry. Almost every man I know has appreciation for nice leather. So, it only makes sense to offer our popular wallets in this material.

Oh and did we mention that this is actual Military Boot Leather? Oh yeah! We give military leather a second career too.


Recycled Firefighter Wallets


Unique Trait(s) of Leather:

Leather gets better looking with age. It gains character marks from daily wear that make it totally your own. And due to it being a more flexible material it accommodates the maximum number of cards (8 for the Sergeant).


Recycled Firefighter Leather Wallet


Tarp & Hypalon Wallets


These 2 materials are cool & unique as well. The Tarp Material is what you would expect...But it's like a tarp/liner on steroids. It's naturally water repellent so water beads up and falls off. The Hypalon material honestly feels somewhat similar to the tarp, but it's more "grippy" and thinner.


Recycled Firefighter Wallet


Unique Trait(s) of Tarp & Hypalon:

These materials are extremely lightweight, durable, and resist wear-marks very well. They're also fairly thin when they're integrated into a wallet, so they help us create a killer thin wallet that will disappear in your pocket!


Recycled Firefighter Wallet


What's Your Favorite Material?


We would love to hear what your favorite wallet material is! Drop us a comment below & let's chat.

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