The Perfect Summer EDC

Jake and I have been chatting lately about the “Perfect EDC". If you’re like us you’ve lost count of all the holsters, belts, knives, guns and doodads that you’ve bought along the way to make up the perfect EDC.

We have all bought countless items that we cram into our pockets, in our fancy bags and onto those belts that we just had to have. So - Like you, after all of these years of collecting items and fine tuning my EDC "load out” - What does the “Perfect EDC” look like for me?

SIg P938 Summer Gun

Well, my first two considerations are the time of year (talking weather here). And where I will be in terms of location. Is it a super frigid Winter day where i’m layered up to walk into Siberia? Or is is 100 Degrees outside and i’m dying in a tee shirt and shorts? Am I going to a safe area of town? Or somewhere that's a bit more dangerous.

Well, it’s June right now and Kentucky is getting super HOT. So for the sake of this article i’m going to talk about my “Perfect Summer EDC”. I'll outline everything that is on my personal, daily.


My firearm of choice (Sig P938 Extreme):

For summer time I slim my gun choice down a lot. I typically pack a full size HK VP9 during cooler months. But thin summer shirts don’t really allow me to conceal such a large gun, unless I want to print like crazy. So i’ve went with the Sig P938 Extreme. This little gun is fairly comparable in size to other “pocket guns”…Except it’s chambered in the capable 9mm round. I won’t get into the caliber debate - But I personally feel with my Speer Gold Dot 124+P’s that I can properly defend my family and self if the need (forbid) arises.

Furthermore - This is a "pocket gun" that I know I can shoot accurately. 25 yard shots are no problem with this gun when I focus on a clean trigger pull. The ability to shoot a gun accurately and consistently at varying distances is a requirement when selecting my carry option. The last thing I want is to become a liability to others based on the firearm I choose to carry.


My holster of choice (N82 Tactical “Original” Holster):

I am a huge supporter and advocate for the N82 Tactical holsters. I personally use the “Original” series. There are several reasons why I chose N82 Tactical as my preferred holster. But the main reasons are comfort, security and the barrier it puts between your sweaty body and your gun. I won’t go into the specifics of the holster, as you can find all the details on their site. I will say this though…I have the proverbial tote of holsters thrown in my closet and nothing has matched these holsters for me. If your holster isn't comfortable, you're less likely to carry your pistol. With N82 Tactical - You're not going to run into that problem.

N82 Tactical Holster Review for Sig P938


My initial thoughts on the “Original” series by N82 Tactical were: “This cannot be secure with just an elastic band". ”One clip to hold it secure on the belt won't be enough”. ”What about reholstering your weapon”...

If you're looking at this holster as an option for your EDC, I can say that none of these things have been issues for me. The elastic band is more than secure and I carry cocked-and-locked in it every day. The band actually allows the holster to be "multi fit" for guns that are within the same size range. Which is a nice option for someone who has multiple carry guns. The one clip has been incredibly secure and it does not move around at all once you tighten your belt. Reholstering did take some "getting used to” - But practice with it and you’ll get the hang of it.


Sig P938 Extreme


For me, the gun and holster is what my EDC "load-out” is built around. There are several other Doo-Dad's that I see as essentials to my every day carry though.

  • Wallet(s):
    - I carry 2 Recycled Firefighter Leather Sergeants. I carry one in my back pocket for my money and cards. And one in my front or cargo pocket for my identification.
    - P
    ro-tip: If you are lawfully carrying concealed I would recommend carrying your ID in your front pocket, away from your gun. In the event a law enforcement official ever needs your ID it will make them feel more comfortable during your interaction together. And not to plug our brand too much on this one - But the leather sergeant is the perfect front pocket wallet.

  • Knife:
    I have enough knives to start a small knife store. But you will often times find me packing my 'ole faithful Kershaw. Specifically the Model 1550. This little booger has been tough as nails and consistently keeps a fine edge.

  • Flashlight:
    Keeping with the “slimmed” down approach for summer time carry I have been packing a little 5.11 ATac PL. It’s only 24 Lumens and runs off of 1 AAA Battery, but it is more than sufficient for my EDC needs.

  • Belt:
    I am a huge fan of the 5.11 webbed belts. I am typically rocking my 1.75”. But I do like their 1.5" belts as well.

  • Spare Mags:
    - You will not find me outside of the house without at least 1 spare mag. Currently i’m carrying 2 spare P938 Extended 7-Round Mags in a Kydex “KRounds” brand mag carrier.
    - There are times that I will throw the magazine(s) into my pocket if printing is a concern. But I try to steer away from that approach as much as I can, so I can easily access my mags if needed.


the perfect summer edc


If you’re new to concealed carry or the EDC world this probably looks like a boat-load of stuff to cram into your pockets and on your belt. But it works very well and is plenty comfortable. You just have to find the right items that compliment your lifestyle.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at my Perfect EDC - Particularly for Summer Time Carry. If you have thoughts or want to share your perfect EDC Load Out feel free to chime in on the comments below!

(Recycled Firefighter does not promote unlawful carry by individuals who are not legally allowed to own/carry firearms) 

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