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The Chief Pre Order is going full force right now and we want to thank everyone who has pre-ordered one so far!

This backpack is the product of many months of research, development, testing and hard work. And we cannot wait until you guys and gals get your hands on (or should we say shoulders into) these packs, and start using them for yourselves!

The Chief Every Day Carry Backpack

We've used these packs for a lot of different purposes this year. An all-purpose everyday carry pack, to a diaper bag and even a hiking/day pack.

So below, we wanted to share some quick pictures of our bags in action and get you even more excited to pack yours!


Everyday Carry Backpack

The Chief has excelled as an Everyday Carry Backpack. After all, it was designed as a quick grab & go pack to take to-and-from the fire station. It's lay flat design is ideal for neatly packing your every day essentials and being able to access them easily.

Above you can see a simple load out which consists of a 15" laptop (which rides securely in the laptop sleeve), some gym clothes and misc personal items.


Emergency Bag

One of our Chief's is being put to use as a....well, we will just call it an "Emergency Bag". This concept goes by many different names: The "Get Home" bag, "Survival Kit", "SHTF" bag, etc.

Whatever you call your emergency kit and how you load it, this bag performs well for the task.

Emergency Backpack

While we're on this topic - I want to make mention that this bag is extremely comfortable to hike with (just be mindful of your carry weight, as with any pack). The Chief was not designed as a hiking pack and isn't promoted as such. But if i'm personally keeping an "Emergency Bag" around I want to know that I can huff it with this pack on my back, for a long distance.

So, with this belief in mind I personally set out on an 8 mile hike with The Chief last week. This pack handled everything I threw at it with ease. It is built so well that I didn't worry about throwing it around while I was out there. It's very comfortable and easy to organize as well. During this 8 mile hike I never once felt uncomfortable because of the pack. (This is coming from a guy who packs quite a bit of stuff in my packs, and has had a lot of experience with many other brands/styles of packs)


Comfortable - Even for 8 Tough Miles in the Kentucky Mountains

small day pack

This is my personal opinion and experience with this pack. One that is not swayed by Jake, or by the fact that we work together. In fact, when I texted Jake to tell him this pack did so well up in the Kentucky mountains his response was along the lines of "woah cool - it wasn't designed for that, but good to know" haha.

I mention this story, because if it's comfortable in the Kentucky mountains, it will be comfortable in just about any condition. Jake has really hit a home run with this one and i'm excited for everyone else to try it now! 


How will you use your "Chief"?

Kentucky Hiking Pictures

We are beyond excited to see how you're going to use your Chief backpack! We want to see some killer pictures from you all when you start receiving them.

Instagram: Remember to tag #RecycledFirefighterEDC when you post your Chief in action on Instagram.

Comment Below: Go ahead and day dream in the comments below and let us know what plans you have for your Chief! We'd love to hear them!


Pre-Orders End Soon

If you still haven't jumped on the Pre Order you better hurry. We'll be ending pre-orders very soon!

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