"The Battalion" 12 Hour Plus Backpack

"The Battalion" 12 Hour Plus Backpack

 Recycled Firefighter 12 Hour Plus Bag 

We are so pumped about the announcement of our new 12 Hour PLUS Bag! This is going to be our most versatile backpack yet. So, we wanted to show you guys exactly what this new bag is all about. And while you're here, we'll show you some awesome new modular accessories as well.



Size Comparison


Our new 12 Hour "Plus" is what it sounds like...A Beefed Up 12 Hour Bag. Essentially, what we've done here is stacked two 12 Hour Bags, one on top of the other. So, you can expect the same awesome and compact width & height, which makes it perfect for EDC.


24 Liter Everyday Carry Bag


12 More Liters of Space


The biggest draw towards making the 12 Hour "Plus" bag was to give people the option of carrying a lot of gear in a sleek and compact bag. So, instead of making it wider or taller, we just built it out.

With the new Battalion 12 Hour Plus backpack you are going to get 24 Liters of capacity. Which is perfect for minimal overnights, long days in the field or on the job. 



Hi-Viz interior For The Win


Some features are too good to change. Which is why the hi-viz blaze orange interior is here to stay! You guys love it and so do we!

If you are planning on using the new 12 Hour Plus for your emergency/trauma kit, you're going to love the hi-visibility nature of this fabric. It will make those stressful moments when seconds matter most a bit easier.


Modular EDC Backpack


Modular EDC Backpack


Modularity is such a key component that most everyday carry bags miss out on. So, we designed a brand new Rigid Loop Panel for the 12 Hour Plus (which fits the regular 12 Hour Bags as well).

This new panel will expand your 12 Hour Bags capabilities to accept 2 new pouches (more on that in a second). It also gives even more structure to this bag for those of us who like to carry heavier loads.

See the new Rigid Loop Panel


Modular EDC Pouches


Modular EDC Pouches


You know we couldn't leave you guys hanging with a blank Loop Panel. That's why we made our own mesh pouches specifically for the 12 Hour Bags.

The new Mesh Pouch Large is 4" x 8" x 9". 2 of these bad boys can fit into the 12 Hour bags.

And the baby brother, Mesh Pouch Small comes in at 3.5" x 4" x 9". 4 of these will be into the 12 Hour bags.

* You can mix & match 2 small + 1 large pouch onto your loop panel.



1 Backpack with a ton of Uses


The new 12 Hour Plus is a backpack that opens up a ton of options to the personalized taste of the person using it. Are you looking to use it for everyday carry or adventures in the mountains? Do it!

Are you looking to use it for something a bit more serious like an emergency bag for your car, or a trauma kit for when you're on the clock and in the field? It's more than tough enough for those jobs too.



Available in 4 Different Colors


We can absolutely get down with color coordinating our EDC Gear! So, we're releasing the 12 Hour Plus bag in 4 Popular Colors: Tactical Grey, Multicam Black, Coyote Brown and All Black.



Check out all of these New Products: 

12 Hour "Plus" Backpack  Rigid Loop Panel • (LARGE) 12 Hour Mesh Pouch  (SMALL) 12 Hour Mesh Pouch

* If the product you're looking at is not available yet, hit the "email me when available" link. If you pre-order the 12 Hour "Plus" the average turnaround time is 6-10 weeks.

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