The Battalion 12 Hour Bag vs. The Chief

Welcome back to another weekly article here on the EDC Blog, everyone! A lot of people have been looking into our backpacks as of late. And one of the common things we're getting asked is, which pack is the right one for me? The new Battalion 12 Hour Bag, or the Chief?

While they certainly have their differences, they do share some commonality too. I'll do my best to break these things down below and hopefully help you decide which one to buy. And hey, if you still don't know what you want - Just buy both. We won't judge you ;)


Recycled Firefighter Backpacks


Size Comparison


The "Chief" is obviously the larger bag, over the Battalion 12 Hour Bag. It is 2" taller, 3" wider and 1.5" deeper. Here are the quick specs:

"The Chief":

  • Dimensions: 19" Tall x 12" Wide x 6" Deep
  • Volume (in liters): 12L

The "Battalion 12 Hour Bag":

  • Dimensions: 17" Tall x 9" Wide x 4.5" Deep
  • Volume (in liters): 21L

The Battalion 12 Hour Bag is certainly the better choice for people who are looking for a quick commute/day pack. While the Chief is better suited for people who are looking to stay out for awhile longer, or potentially use the bag for an overnight. Below is a good side-by-side size comparison.

Recycled Firefighter Backpack 12L and 21L


Common Strengths of Both Backpacks


Both packs offer a lot of incredible design features, use high quality parts/components and several other things. Here are a few common strengths of both backpacks:

  • Huge Mil-Spec #10 YKK Zippers
  • 1" Mil-Spec Binding on the interior, which leave no raw edges
  • 1" Mil-Spec Binding on the shoulder straps
  • Large Grab Handles, which are well enforced for long term durability
  • 1000D Mil Spec Cordura Nylon
  • Generous Padding on shoulder straps and base
  • Velcro area for morale patches & name tapes
  • Both are proudly Made in the USA


Recycled Firefighter Backpacks


Features specific to "The Chief"


Again, the "Chief" is the larger of the two packs. It's more suited for people who carry a lot of gear, possibly a 15" Laptop or want to carry it on longer trips.

  • 15" Padded Laptop Sleeve
  • 9 Liters larger than the Battalion 12 Hour Bag
  • The exterior pocket is side to side, rather than up & down
  • More velcro area for patches


Recycled Firefighter Chief Backpack


Features specific to the Battalion 12 Hour Bag


The Battalion 12 Hour Pack is again smaller than the Chief. Making it better suited for a quick grab & go, everyday carry backpack. Here are some quick differences that are specific to the Battalion bag:

  • The exterior pocket of the Battalion 12 Hour Bag is vertical (up & down)
  • 9 Liters Smaller than the Chief Bag
  • Blaze Orange Interior for easy identification of your gear
  • The 2 interior pockets are made of mesh, allowing you to quickly see your pocketed gear


Recycled Firefighter 12 Hour Battalion Bag


Any more questions about these 2 packs?


We want to make sure you are 110% happy with your new backpack purchase. So if you have any questions or need anything else please drop us a comment below! We'll get back to you and make sure you're squared away!

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