"The Chief" at the Shooting Range

We want to take a moment to thank everyone that preordered The Chief! We know those of you who ordered are going to be incredibly pumped when you receive this new bag and we can't wait for you to get them! If you missed out or slept on the preorder don't worry - We will have some in stock in September.

To keep you excited and pondering about how you're going to use your Chief, we are sharing 1 more way that we've been using ours.

Shooting Range Backpack

Shooting Range Backpack

The Chief works flawlessly when toting your gear to and from the shooting range.

  • In the main (large) compartment:
    You can easily store all the ammo you need for a fun day on the range, a couple of handguns, your hearing and eye protection and more.
  • In the 2 internal zippered compartments:
    These accommodate flatter objects like magazines or a simple cleaning kit very well.
  • The front pocket:
    This is a great place to hang onto your wallet, a small notebook, paper targets and things of that nature.

Gun Range Backpack

I think we've already established that this bag is super handy. And has all of the storage capabilities that you should need for a fun and safe day on the range. So what else?

Be the Coolest Person at The Range

Well we should let you know - When you walk in with this custom / handmade backpack you are going to get some head nods and looks. You might just even overhear some fellow range-goers wishing aloud that they were as cool as you!

Seriously though - This backpack gets the attention of fellow gear guys and gals. It is a great conversation starter. And this isn't to toot the Recycled Firefighter horn, it's simply a unique bag that people take notice of. So, if you're as passionate about your gear as we are you're going to love it. Because you'll likely get to talk about this bag when you're carrying it around.

Shooting Range Backpack


Stay Involved #RecycledFirefighterEDC

As always, tag us on Instagram with #RecycledFirefighterEDC and show us how you are using your Recycled Firefighter gear! And if you ever have a question, or want to chat drop us a comment or shoot us a message.

* Please exercise caution and proper gun safety when storing and removing your firearms from your Chief backpack. Stay safe, be responsible and have fun.


  • Anthony

    Hi there, Jack! So glad you’re digging the looks of this bag and that it seems like it’d work for you! Some of them just went up in the shop and are available for purchase now: http://recycledfirefighter.com/products/the-chief-usa-made-backpack.

    Comment back here if you grab one and tag us in some pics on Instagram if you ever post there :) #recycledfirefighteredc

  • Jack Mulligan

    I love seeing awesome custom bags like this. I usually buy bags that follow military specifications and standards for durability. It looks like this is a great modern bag that plays to my interests. I’ll have to see if I can get one! http://www.knfcorporation.com/knf-flexpak.html

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