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We sell a lot of different wallets, in a lot of different materials here on our site. Our products range from utilizing the best firehose we can find to military boot leather, vinyl tarps and hypalon. We definitely get that it can be confusing to figure out which material fits you best. So, we wanted to break it down in this article and discuss all 4!


Firehose Wallet


Wallet made of Firehose


Firehose is the material that adds some massive cool-points to your EDC (everyday carry). Seriously, who else carries a piece of retired fire hose around with them?! It is rigid, bomb proof and practically indestructible.

Firehose Wallet

The only reason you may not want to go with fire hose is if you're really trying to cram your wallet full. Since it's a harder material, it won't accept as many cards as leather or some of the other materials we use (see below).



Wallet made of Leather


Leather has been utilized in men's wallets for years. But ours is different because it is sourced from rejected US Military boots. They may find 1 tiny thing that isn't up to par with their criteria. But for us, the leather is perfect and pairs up perfectly with our wallets.

The cool thing about our leather wallets is they hold a ton of cards if you pack on the heavier side. And they get better looking with age. In fact, shown above is a new and used Leather Sergeant/Leather Rookie wallet to show the contrast.


Vinyl Tarp Wallet


Wallet made of Vinyl Tarp


The coolest attribute of our vinyl/tarp wallet is that it is waterproof. Fol-Da-Tank is also a re-purposed material used within the fire industry.

Our Tarp Wallets are really durable, just like their other firehouse-team-member the fire hose. It is near impossible to make the tarp material look worn from general everyday carry. So, if you're looking for a wallet that looks new after years of carry, this is the one we'd recommend.


Hypalon Wallet


Wallet made of Hypalon


Last but certainly not least are the Hypalon Wallets. This is another waterproof material. But it differs from Fol-Da-Tank tarp material. It is actually a synthetic rubber. This type of material is also great for the card-heavy individual who wants to make the most of their wallet space since it can stretch a bit.

Hypalon is unique in that it grips into your pocket a bit more than most of our other wallet materials. This is especially handy if you wear bottoms with looser pockets. Hypalon is also another material that doesn't show a lot of wear.



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As always, if you have any questions, drop us a message here. And if you wanna share your thoughts about the materials we use, leave us a comment below! We always love hearing what you all think and chatting back & forth!

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