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Multi Purpose Wallet

by Jacob Starr February 24, 2017

Being able to buy a product that has multiple uses is always a huge win. Did you know that our Sergeant Wallets are being used for more than just a card wallet these days?

Today we wanted to give you all some ideas for turning our Sergeant into a multi-purpose wallet!

 Multi Purpose Wallet

Multi Purpose Wallet:

The Sergeant is a super slim & versatile front pocket wallet. It is essentially a 2.75" x 4" sleeve that was created to hold 4-8 credit cards and cash on the back.

However, now that thousands upon thousands of these wallets are in the hands of our awesome customers, they have been using them in some rather unconventional ways.


1. Pocket Slippy for Knife/Pocket Tools:

A pocket slippy is essentially a flat sleeve that can hold contents that would otherwise go into the abyss of your pocket. Pocket slippies are awesome for small flashlights, knives and other everyday carry tools.

Pocket Slippy Wallet

Our Sergeant Wallet is an awesome choice for carrying 2 small objects. Such as a Swiss Army Knife and a Small AAA Flashlight.


2. Tech Gadget Holder:

For people who constantly listen to music on their phones or computers, watch Netflix on the go or watch YouTube Cat Videos then ear buds are a must. Our Sergeant Wallet is an awesome way to keep those pesky cords contained and not jumbled about in your pockets.

Multi Purpose Wallet

The Sergeant Wallet is also a great place to store a spare battery for your EDC Flashlight, as it will slide right beside another item.

The options are endless here...Whatever your small must-have tech gadgets are, the Sergeant will most likely hold them.


3. Business Card Wallet:

We have had a TON of people buy our Sergeant Wallet as a business card holder. And it honestly makes a ton of sense! You can slip a fairly large stack of business cards into the Sergeant, it looks unique & cool and doesn't take up a ton of pocket space. Win, Win, Win!

 Business Card Wallet


4. Whatever you use it for, it has a cash strap too!

This is obviously one of the best features of our Sergeant Wallet. It has a secure cash strap on the back! So, whether you're using the main sleeve for business cards, pocket tools or your chewing gun (preferably un-chewed) you have a place to securely hold those Benjamin's.

Money Clip Wallet


Do you have a spare Sergeant laying around?

If you have a spare Sergeant Wallet laying around give these ideas a shot, or try something on your own to turn your sergeant into a multi purpose wallet. We'd love to hear how you are using it!

Jacob Starr
Jacob Starr

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