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May Community Features

by Anthony Roe June 02, 2017

Happy Friday, Everyone! Today we're going to feature 5 more people as part of our "Community Features". These images/posts are taken from our #recycledfirefighter hashtag on Instagram.


How To Get Featured!


If you haven't been featured yet - Keep hashtagging #RecycledFirefighter and #RecycledFirefighterEDC (pro-tip: use both hashtags to double your odds). Starting next week we're going to begin reposting a lot of your images on our official Instagram account and giving you a shoutout/credit if we repost your image.


Recycled Firefighter Instagram



12 Hour Battalion Bag in use by @KeepFarmN




Firehose Sergeant Wallet in use by @nfritchley




Tarp Sergeant Wallet in use by @TheTruth1




Firehose Sergeant Wallet in use by @astral_alox




Firehose Inspector Notebook Cover in use by @bmacphoto207




Keep Hashtagging!


As I mentioned above. If you want to be featured here and/or on our Instagram, keep hashtagging us with #RecycledFirefighter and #RecycledFirefighterEDC! We're going to be reposting a lot of your all's images soon! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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