Lightweight Everyday Carry Kit

Welcome back to another "build your own" article. I covered how to build your own first aid kit for edc in the last one. And today I'm going to chat about another kit that I carry either on my person or in my backpack every day. This is my Lightweight Everyday Carry Kit...

Build a Lightweight Everyday Carry Kit


Lightweight Everyday Carry Kit

An Everyday Carry Kit can range throughout a multitude of sizes. It can be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or it can be much larger. Simply put, it is a self-contained unit that holds the essentials that you will need throughout your day to day.

For the sake of this article we're going to be talking about a Lightweight everyday carry kit. And more specifically, one that can fit into your pocket or attach to your belt loop with a carabiner or dangler. This kit holds what you see as the essentials and nothing more.


Everyday Carry Kit


An Everyday Carry Kit saves pocket space & keeps you organized.

An Everyday Carry Kit can be an awesome addition to your EDC and save some valuable pocket space if you opt to go this route. In the picture above you're seeing everything that I personally carry (minus my concealed carry firearm) on a daily basis.

Pretty neat & tidy setup, huh? It sure beats having a million things shoved down in your pockets or clipped onto them.


Everyday Carry Kit with Cash


What goes into an Everyday Carry Kit?

My Everyday Carry Kit falls closely in line with what we see as the top things a person should carry as part of their EDC.

  • A Simple Pocket Knife for doing daily chores, opening packages or food prep.
  • A Small Flashlight for when things go dark.
  • A Mini BIC Lighter is a good item to carry that doesn't take up a lot of room. This is a great item to carry if you spend a lot of time outdoors and may have the need to start a campfire.
  • Gorilla Tape wrapped around your lighter. This is the easiest way to carry tape that i've found yet.


Everyday Carry Kit Contents


Everyday Carry Kit Contents (continued):

  • Some Cash: I recommend carrying at least $50-75 in cash aside from what's in your wallet. Split this up into 20's, 10's, 5's and 1's. Do not touch this cash unless you absolutely need it.
  • Chapstick: Great for medicinal purposes, fire starting and a makeshift solution for protecting/maintenancing your gear when you don't have oils or lubricants available.
  • Backup Battery for your flashlight: Because no one wants to be stuck in the dark. (Pro-Tip: Cold weather conditions will drain your batteries faster)
  • Mini First Aid Kit: The materials in this mini-fak will be additional to your full first aid kit. Carry a few things in your everyday carry kit in case you need to treat a minor cut or scrape. And keep it as flat as possible.
  • A pair of earbuds: This would probably be a throw-away item for most people. But I watch a lot of videos online and I prefer to be courteous to those around me who may not want to hear it too.


Lightweight Everyday Carry Pocket Kit


Tailor your everyday carry kit to your own needs....

As I often mention: A persons needs, wants and circumstances are going to be as individual as their finger prints. Sure, some items are going to be pretty common amongst all of our kits. But some things that you carry are not going to suit my needs, and vice versa. That's the fun of this whole EDC Game...We get to put our spin on it and share our ideas with each other.

I recommend tailoring your everyday carry kit to the items that you use most on a day to day basis. Or the items that make you feel more comfortable to have near.

I personally use my flashlight, knife, headphones and chapstick on a daily basis. So having these items near is a necessity. On the contrary - Items like the extra battery, first aid supplies, cash and lighter/tape are really only needed when something unexpected comes up.


Everyday Carry Survival Kit


Brands & models of the items see here:

I've had really good luck out of all of the items that i've shown you all today. So I'd love to pass the brands/models over to you in case you're interested in them too:

  • Knife: CRKT M16-O1S
  • Flashlight: FourSevens Preon P1
  • Batteries: Duracell AAA (Don't cheap out on your batteries, go for name brands)
  • Earbuds: Samsung
  • Wallet: Recycled Firefighter Captain
  • Everyday Carry Kit Pouch: Prototype "Truckie". We're currently testing this see-through version. Keep posted on our Instagram for more.
  • Backpack: Also a prototype - More of it later ;)


Everyday Carry Pocket Pouch


Share your Everyday Carry Kit:

That's a wrap on my Everyday Carry Kit, folks! I hope you all enjoyed it and got some ideas from seeing what I carry, and how I carry it.

Now i'd love to hear from you guys. If you have a cool everyday kit shoot us a comment down below or drop us a line on Instagram or Facebook.


Buy an Everyday Carry Pouch:

If you liked the "Truckie" pouch shown above and want to make your own Everyday Carry Kit out of one, you can purchase them here for $19! (The see-through prototypes shown here are not available at this time)

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