EDC Tool Pouch

EDC Tool Pouch

Best EDC Tool Pouch


If you've been looking for a killer EDC Tool Pouch, this is the one! We originally designed this tool pouch for firefighters to carry in their bunker gear pockets. But, soon after we realized just how well it's been working out for normal everyday carry items as well.


EDC Tool Pouch


Mil-Spec EDC Tool Pouch


Our new Tool Pouch manages to keep a slim, yet super effective profile. It features 2 small pockets on the front and 1 large pocket on the back. It gives you the capability to organize the perfect amount of EDC Items, which would otherwise be floating around in your bag or pockets.


EDC Tool Pouch


The 2 front pockets of the new Firefighter Tool Pouch are perfect for slimmer items like knives, pens, flashlights & similar types of things.

Sticking with our mission to give firehose a second life, these are made of SUPER Durable Decommissioned Firehose.


EDC Tool Pouch


Second Career Gear


Going back to the decommissioned firehose...These Tool Pouches are extremely durable! This firehose has saved lives, been through chaos and it's better than ever to put into a second career with your EDC Gear.


EDC Tool Pouch


As with all of our products, quality is at the forefront of everything we do! We proudly make these tool pouches, in small batches, right here in the United States.

This tool pouch is finished with Mil-Spec 1" Nylon Binding Edges for top-notch quality. It also features a spacious pocket on the back for an EDC Notebook or other slimmer/wide gear.


EDC Tool Pouch


Backpack Organizer


If you've been searching for a way to keep your backpack or large pouches more organized, this could be the ticket for you! The new Tool Pouches do a great job of keeping those slimmer items from sliding to the bottom or sides of your pack and within easy reach when you need them in a hurry.


EDC Tool Pouch


Available Now for $29


If you dig what you've seen and want a Tool Pouch for yourself, they're available right now on our site!


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