Choosing The Right Everyday Carry Wallet

In this quick article we're going to break down the 4 wallets that we offer to help you understand the differences and unique capabilities that each of them offer.



#1. Simple Card Wallet (Sergeant):

The simplest of all our wallets is our Sergeant Wallet. This minimal front pocket wallet holds 4-8 Cards, with a cash strap on the back to hold your bills. The Sergeant is simplicity at it's finest and boasts over 2,500 5-Star reviews on the firehose version alone! 


Who is this wallet perfect for?

The Sergeant wallet is ideal for minimalists, people who live active lifestyles or people just want a super lightweight & convenient wallet.


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#2. Minimalist BiFold (Rookie):

The Rookie is our minimalist take on a bifold wallet. It holds 8-12 Cards, has our famous cash strap on the back for your bills and still remains slim enough for front-pocket-carry. 

Carrying a Bifold Wallet


Who is this wallet perfect for?

The Rookie is an ideal mix of remaining slim, but still being capable of carrying quite a bit. This wallet is a great minimalist wallet, but will accommodate people who need to pack a bit more than the Sergeant allows.

Minimali Bifold Wallet



#3. A (less than) Traditional Bifold (Captain):

Our largest capacity wallet is The Captain. This bifold wallet holds 12-15 cards and up to 20 bills.

So, why is this a "less than traditional" bifold?
While it may look like a traditional bifold with the ID Window, Card Slots and Money Holder it is certainly a step above the rest. The Captain is sewn a bit wider than a traditional bifold wallet, which bulges up and becomes a huge lump. This wallet however is super slim, has all of the capacity that you could need, along with the comfort you'll never want to live without again!

Carry a Bifold Wallet


Who is this wallet perfect for?

The Captain is an awesome choice for people who don't want to break into the "minimalist" wallet game with a Rookie or Sergeant. But still want to stick with a large & capable wallet, but don't want the backache that comes along with carrying a thick/bulky wallet.


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#4. Notebook Wallet (The Hypalon Inspector):

The Hypalon Inspector Wallet is unlike anything you've ever seen before! This super slim & lightweight Hypalon Wallet can carry a field notes notebook, 4-6 cards and a stash of cash under the back flap.

Carry a Notebook Wallet


Who is this wallet perfect for?

The Hypalon wallet is ideal for people who are looking to carry a notebook on a daily basis, and still want a minimal wallet setup as well. It delivers the best of both worlds!



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Jake Starr
Article By: Jake Starr