Best of 2017 (Our top 3 Products)

Best of 2017 (Our top 3 Products)


We're always blown away by you, our amazing customers and fellow EDC'ers. You all have kept us super busy sewing, developing new products, producing content and so much more this year!

And with that said, we wanted to share the top 3 products that you all LOVED the most this year, based on our sales. So, without further ado, here they are:



Firehose Sergeant Wallet


Our legendary "Fire Hose Sergeant" wallet is always a hit with you guys (and gals). And 2017 was no exception! You all burned this product up (pun intended).

If you haven't purchased one yet, do yourself a favour and click over here to pick one up. After your purchase, you'll get to hear more about the firehose we "rescued" and gave a second career! It's something we're really proud of.

Firehose Sergeant: Buy Now ($29)



12 Hour Backpack


2017 was the official release of the 12 Hour Backpack. This bag is, in our humble opinion, the best bag for everyday carry on the market. And you all believed so too. We couldn't make enough of these backpacks this year!

12 Hour Backpack: Buy Now ($129)



"The Probie"


"The Probie" is our premiere handkerchief, made of Nomex and Kevlar woven fabric. Not only is this hanky fire resistant, it is also extremely handsome to pair with your EDC.

In fact, we originally stepped into the hanky game with a tan/black combo...But, you all loved these so much that we added 3 more color patterns which you can see here.

The Probie: Buy Now ($24)



Thank you all so much for an amazing 2017! We can't wait to keep developing new products for you all in 2018 and continuing to perfect the products that we already sell!

Happy New Year, Friends...Let's make 2018 the best year in every way possible!

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