EDC Tech Gear & Gadgets

EDC Tech Gear & Gadgets

EDC Tech Gear & Gadgets

Having awesome tech gear & gadgets in your everyday carry (EDC) can make your day to day 110% more awesome! So, let's dive into 7 of my favorite items that I carry in my EDC Bag.


1. Headphones

Best EDC Headphones

I personally subscribe to a lot of YouTube Channels. So, when I break for lunch or find some quiet time, I always catch up on videos that I've missed. And nothing beats having a pair of quality headphones to watch videos with, or even just listen to music.

Best EDC Headphones: I personally LOVE the Bose Quiet Comfort Series. They're obviously a lot larger than Airpods or something along those lines...But the comfort and sound quality are second to none.


2. Battery Bank

Best EDC Battery Charger

Something that I've integrated into my EDC Tech Kit since I've started traveling a lot more is a large capacity battery bank (portable charger). This has come in handy so many times for charging my phone and various USB powered gadgets.

Best EDC Battery Charger: I use the Anker Powercore 20100mAh and absolutely love it. This battery bank can charge my iPhone 8 4-5 times with ease.


3. Long Charging Cord

I know this one will sound boring, but I recommend investing in long cords for your phone and devices. It will give you a lot of flexibility when charging on the go.

Bonus Tip: I would also recommend keeping a backup charging cord in your bag, in case one gets damaged or you need to lend one to a friend.


4. Sandisk iXpand

BEST EDC Flash Drive

Best EDC Flash Drive: If you're like me and take a lot of photos on your phone, or just use it for storing a lot of stuff, you need a Sandisk iXpand! These portable flash drives are great for backing up the contents of your phone and they're extremely reliable. I personally have two of these and never leave the house without them.


5. Lenses for your Phone

If you love taking photos of your EDC Gear for Instagram, have kiddos and want to document your day with them, or just want to extend the capabilities of the camera on your smartphone, you should definitely check out "Moment Lenses".

These are not the cheapest lenses on the market for phones, but you absolutely get what you pay for with them. We have actually used Moment Lenses for many of our own photos and they are phenomenal!


6. Lens Cloths

Okay, I know...This one is pretty boring. But you will thank me if you have a phone lens like I mentioned above or just need to clean your screen/glasses. Microfiber Lens Cloths beat using your shirt tale every single time! I personally do a ton of photography every day and I wear glasses, so I have at least 3 or 4 of these in my bag & pockets at all times.


7. Flashlight

Best EDC Flashlight


Rounding this list out is one of the most important gadgets you can add to your EDC...A Flashlight. We recently posted an article about our favorite EDC Flashlight of 2018 and you can see that here.



What's on your list?

Drop us a comment below with what your favorite EDC Tech Gear or Gadget is...Along with what you're dying to add to your kit right now! (Personally, I'm dying to add another Moment Lens...The "Superfish" to be exact :))

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