BEST EDC Flashlight 2018

BEST EDC Flashlight 2018

Best EDC Flashlight 2018


A couple of years ago we put out an article that listed the Top 10 EDC Items that you should be carrying. Included in that "Top 10" List was a flashlight. And it remains one of the most important EDC pieces in our daily lives, still to this day.

I cannot tell you how often I use my flashlight on a daily basis. So, it's important to have one that is solid, extremely dependable and tough.


Nitecore MT10A with our Vinyl Sergeant Wallet


Nitecore MT10A

I have tried a lot of flashlights over the years. Maglight, Bushnell, 511, Foursevens, Streamlight and everything in between. All of them have either bit the dust or I've managed to break them somehow.

The one flashlight that has stood the test of time (since 2016) in my everyday carry has been the Nitecore MT10A. This pocket-sized powerhouse is capable of throwing out 920 Lumens of LED fury. It runs off of a common AA Battery for a lower output and minimal performance. Or it can accept a specialty 1x45000 Battery for maximum power/output.



AA vs High Output Batteries:

I typically find myself running standard AA Batteries in the MT10A. Simply because I always have them in my bag or around my house and I get lazy with recharging batteries. With that said, I do have two of the 1x45000 Nitecore branded batteries (+ charger) and they are super impressive. When you're throwing 920 Lumens out of a 4.25" flashlight, it's pretty dang fun!

My biggest beef with the 1x45000 batteries is when they start to die, you have absolutely no warning. I guess that's a good thing because they utilize all of the charge within the battery cells. But you do not get that slow fade over time like you get with disposable AA's, which warns you, "hey, replace your batteries, bro". It's kind of an annoying characteristic of the 1x45000's, especially if you're in a situation where you really need your flashlight and you click it on only to find it has died.



Where does this light shine?


See what I did there...Light, shine? Okay, not funny...Let's move on and forget I said that. (*lame dad jokes*)

This light really shines in the outdoors. I use it a lot when I'm out hiking or camping because of the phenomenal 920 Lumens (and various steps down to just 1 lumen). But honestly, it will do a great job for any scenario where you need a super bright light with a lot of functionality. Just remember to pack an extra battery or two in your pocket or bag.



I'm convinced based on my testing, that this is the Best EDC Fashlight for 2018. I've yet to find another flashlight that is as tough as this one. I've beaten it to death, dropped it down cliffs, gotten it soaked and all sorts of other wacky things and it won't die.

For the level of performance versus its size, you just can't beat it. It's so ergonomic and fits the EDC (everyday carry) roll perfectly. Two Thumbs up for the Nitecore MT10A!

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