April Community Features

Hey guys! We're coming at you all with another installment of our Community Features, where we take some of the best photos & content from our #RecycledFirefighter community and post them here!

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12 Hour Battalion Bag in use by @GideonsTactical

We recently saw Gideons Tactical posted about our 12 Hour Battalion Bag going into testing for their YouTube channel. We can't wait to see what they think of this bag!

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Green "Inspector" Field Notes Cover in use by @511Tactical

511 Tactical threw a Green & Black Inspector into their otherwise blacked out everyday carry recently. Lookin' sick guys!

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The Chief Backpack in use by @Michigan_Carry

Awhile back we wrote an article about the multiple uses for The "Chief" Backpack. One of which was that it makes an excellent range bag. Looks like @Michigan_Carry agrees with us. Looking good, brother!

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The Truckie in use by @choose.knife

Keeping it simple with the Truckie pouch and a sweet EDC Blade. Nice shot, @Choose.Knife! Keep 'em coming.

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Custom Recycled Firefighter Duffel Bag in use by @bmorejeff

@bmorejeff is getting his custom Recycled Firefighter duffel bag ready for it's first camping trip! Hope you dig it, man - I'm sure it'll serve you well :)

Recycled Firefighter Instagram



Multicam Truckie & Sergeant in use by @ericmrt

@ericmrt is killing the Multicam game in this post, with his multicam sergeant wallet and truckie! Nice Kershaw as well - The shuffle is a fan-favorite around here too!

Recycled Firefighter Instagram



Want to be featured next month?

Keep tagging us on Instagram with the hashtag #recycledfirefighter for a chance to be featured. And drop us a comment below. We recently updated our commenting system and you can include images of your Recycled Firefighter product in use!

Looking forward to seeing more awesome content from you all!

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