5 Reasons for Front Pocket Carry

by Anthony Roe April 20, 2018

Why Carry Wallet in Front Pocket


Why carry a wallet in your front pocket?

Considering I've been front pocket carrying a Sergeant or Rookie wallet for around 3 years now, it's honestly hard to remember the days of carrying a bulky wallet in my back pocket. But I can definitely remember the pain (literally) & annoyances of back pocket carry. So today, I wanted to list 5 of my top reasons for switching to Front Pocket Carry for my wallet.


Wallet in Front Pocket


1. Way more comfortable.

The #1 reason that I have for carrying my wallet in a front pocket is that it's way more comfortable. For me, the switch to front pocket carry is the equivalent of sleeping on the ground versus a luxurious mattress. You simply have to try it to understand how comfortable it is.

Best wallet for comfort: Sergeant Card Wallets


Front Pocket Carry


2. The contents of your wallet last longer.

If you're sitting on your ID's and debit cards all day/every day, they're going to wear out a lot faster. But, when you front pocket carry, the only wear you should see is whatever happens under normal use from swiping them at the store.

Super tough front pocket wallet: "Fire Hose Sergeant"


Front Pocket Wallet


3. You don't have to remove your wallet every time you sit down.

I can still remember how much of a pain it was having to remove my wallet every time I sat down. And if I didn't, I would pay for it about 20 minutes later when my butt, all the way down to my ankle fell asleep.

With front pocket wallets, this is a thing of the past!


Front Pocket Wallet Pickpocket


4. You have less risk of being pickpocketed.

It's a whole lot harder for a picket pocket to reach into someone's front pocket to steal their wallet. For one, you'll most likely see them. And two, your front pockets are typically a lot tighter and it takes deliberate force to get your wallet out.


Front Pocket Wallet for Men


5. Front pocket wallets are unique & look awesome.

Functionality is, of course, the most important thing when it comes to every day carry. But we all want our gear to look awesome too. And nothing beats the simplistic look of our front pocket wallets. They minimal, rugged and come in a ton of different colors & materials.

Super unique wallet made of Tarp Materials 


Front Pocket Wallet


Why do YOU carry a Front Pocket Wallet?

We'd love to hear it from you - Why do you personally like carrying a front pocket wallet? Let us know in the comments below or use the #recycledfirefighter hashtag on Instagram.

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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