Mil Spec Front Pocket Wallet

by Anthony Roe April 02, 2018

Mil Spec Front Pocket Wallet


We've been so pumped about the release of our new Mil-Spec Front Pocket Wallet! This time we've used 1000D Cordura on our legendary "Sergeant" wallet.

If you're unfamiliar with 1000D Cordura I'll abbreviate the high points of why we use it in our products below:

  • Short version: It's practically bomb proof
  • It is highly wear-resistant against tears and scuffs
  • It comes in a variety of awesome patterns/colors (we've used 5 of them)
  • It's Mil-Spec
  • Made in America


Mil Spec Mens Wallet


Mil-Spec Mens Wallet


This mil-spec front pocket wallet is everything you need and nothing more. So, say goodbye to back pain from your old bulky wallet.

  • Compact size for EDC (everyday carry)
  • Holds 8 Cards
  • Holds 10 Bills

It's perfectly suited for your front pants pocket, or practically anywhere, due to its small size.


Everyday Carry Front Pocket Wallet


EDC Front Pocket Wallet


If you're serious about your everyday carry, you're gonna love browsing the 5 new colors of our Mil-Spec Sergeant.

  • Black on black
  • Digital Desert
  • Typhon
  • Multicam
  • Foliage

The 5 available colors are sure to match up well with your existing gear if you're serious keeping your color game on point.



Only $25 • Available Now!


These 5 new wallets are available now on our site and Amazon for $25/pc! So, go grab one (or all 5, we won't judge you).

And be sure to share a picture of it on your Instagram with our #RECYCLEDFIREFIGHTER hashtag! We always love seeing your all's photos of our gear!

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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