24 Hour or 12 Hour Bag?

24 Hour or 12 Hour Bag?

We're so stoked to be offering a couple of variations of the popular Battalion Bags! But with options come questions...So we're going to help you all decide if the 24 Hour Bag is right for you, by comparing it to the 12 Hour Bag.


Size Comparison 

Size will play the biggest factor in your decision. As a quick reference, the 12 Hour Bag is 12 Liters, while the 24 Hour Bag is 22 Liters (you thought we were gonna say 24, didn't ya ;)). With the extra liters, the 24 Hour Bag is also a bit larger in terms of dimensions. Below you can see a quick breakdown of their size differences:



The 24 Hour Bag is capable of swallowing up a lot of gear. In fact, the name "24 Hour Bag" comes from its capability to handle 24 Hour's worth of gear (IE: an overnight). You could easily put your laptop in there, a change of clothes, hygiene items, etc. While the 12 Hour bag is better suited for everyday carry tasks such as: Going back & forth from the office, running errands, etc.



What does the 24 Hour Bag have that the 12 Doesn't?

The 24 Hour & 12 Hour Backpacks are almost identical in terms of their pocket configuration. But the 24 Hour Bag has a leg up on the 12 if you're a laptop user. We have put a dedicated laptop sleeve into the back of the bag. It is well padded, uses large #10 YKK Zippers to open/shut and fits up to a 15" Macbook. (while the 12 Hour Bag only fits a 13" Macbook and doesn't have a dedicated pocket)



Awesome Features of Both Bags 

Both backpacks share some commonality that make them the best every day carry backpack on the market. And to be honest, we could list them all. But here are 5 of the highlight features as our customers see them:




So which one is for you?


Both bags are excellent and will serve you for many years to come. But the best choice will depend on if you need the extra 10 Liters of space that the 24 Hour Bag offers (which is more space than it sounds like). And if you want the added protection of the dedicated laptop sleeve.



Please don't hesitate to give us a shout if you need absolutely anything else or have any questions about the bags. We're always here and stoked to help!


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