Why Carry Just One?

Happy Friday, everyone and welcome back to the EDC Blog! Today we're going to be chatting about carrying 2 knives as part of your EDC...

Everyday Carry 2 Knives


Carrying 2 Knives in your EDC


It wasn't until I really got into the EDC World that I realized a lot of people carry more than one knife on their person. There are many reasons why people would carry 2 or more knives as part of their EDC. It could be for utilitarian purposes, self-defense or other reasons. Below I'm going to list 3 common times where I carry more than 1 knife.


Self Defense Knives


Self-Defense Knives


Often times, when I feel the need to carry knives as part of my self-defense kit I will carry two knives. One of which is a heavy-duty folding knife, with a long blade and a sturdy lock. While the other is a quick-deploying fixed blade. I typically have them on opposite sides of my body, for ease-of-access from any position.


Outdoor Knife Combos


Outdoor Knives


99% of the time when I go outdoors (hiking, camping, etc) I have 2 knives on me. Most generally this includes a large fixed blade (4"+) and a smaller pocket knife. This covers all of my bases in regards to camp-chores and food prep. (two is one, one is none)


2 Everyday Carry Knives


General Use/Utilitarian Knives


Since knives like the Swiss Army's are so small and don't weight a lot, I typically add one in just for the heck of it. Not only am I able to cut things with 2 knives, but I now add the capability of opening cans, sawing stuff, doing quick repairs, etc.

If you don't own a Swiss Army Knife, I would highly recommend the Alox Cadet or Farmer. They are really worth adding to your EDC.


Everyday Carry Knives


Do you carry 2 Knives?


Let's hear it! Do you carry 2 knives as part of your everyday carry? If so, drop us a comment below and tell us what EDC Knives you frequently carry.

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