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Which Wallet Should You Get?

by Anthony Roe September 28, 2018


It can be hard to get a rock-solid idea of which wallet to buy, judging from online pictures and jumping back & forth between product pages. So, we wanted to give you all a single page to compare each of our wallets below. (we'll also highlight the unique points of each wallet & what they're perfect for)



To kick things off, we're comparing The Hypalon Inspector - A notebook/wallet hybrid. The Captain - A minimal back-pocket bi-fold. The Rookie - A minimal front-pocket bi-fold. And lastly, The Sergeant - An ultra minimal front pocket sleeve wallet. (size comparison provided above)


The Hypalon Inspector
Available Here $39


The Captain
Available Here $49




The Rookie
Available Here $39



The Sergeant
Available Here $25+



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Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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