4 Things to Avoid Carrying in Your Slim Wallet

4 Things to Avoid Carrying in Your Slim Wallet

If you own an American-made slim wallet and you’ve noticed it’s starting to become overly bulky, to the point of being uncomfortable to carry, you should think of ways to keep it slim and safe. Luckily, one of the best ways is to reduce the number of items you carry. If you go through your wallet, you’ll be surprised by how many unnecessary things you have. 

You don’t need to bring all of them with you because many of these items not only use up space, but can also create even greater problems for you in case a theft happens. Keep reading and find  4 things you should avoid carrying in your slim wallet.

What should I not carry in my slim wallet?

We get used to carrying a diverse range of items inside our slim wallets, making them unnecessarily bulky and uncomfortable. This isn’t practical because a large wallet cannot fit into a pocket easily, poses threat to good posture, and  even attracts pickpockets in public places

1. All of your credit cards

You should definitely avoid carrying all your credit and debit cards inside your wallet. If you lose your slim wallet or somebody steals it, you’ll lose all your credit cards. This means that until you manage to block the access,  somebody can use the data and credit card information, along with the money that’s on them. Bring fewer cards with you and ensure you can block them more quickly to minimize risks. 

2. Too much cash

We all love to spend some cash. However, pay attention to the amount of cash you carry with you. Avoid putting great amounts of note bundles inside your wallet because it’ll attract thieves and pickpockets, especially when you’re paying the bills. Instead, make sure you bring emergency cash with you and you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing wallet that’s both slim and safe for use.

3. Checks, bank deposit slips, social security cards, and IDs

These things contain valuable information about you and pose a serious threat in case your slim wallet gets stolen. The person who gains access to them will have your name, address, account number, bank name, social security number, and others. If you want to avoid paying for unexpected loans or getting into debt you know nothing about, keep these personal documents in a safer place.

4. Notes, receipts, gift cards

Notes and receipts are something people easily accumulate inside their wallets. Although it’s nice to keep your notes easily accessible, it’s better to write them on your phone and save some space. When it comes to receipts, they can pile up really easily so make sure you go through them once in a while. Avoid keeping all your gift cards inside your slim wallet because you’ll lose their value if your wallet disappears. 

What should I not carry in my slim wallet?

Where can I buy an American-made slim wallet?

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